7/30 Cubs talking to Pirates

The Cubs and Pirates are discussing a possible deal that would send lefty reliever John Grabow to Chicago. The Cubs have just one lefty in the pen in Sean Marshall, and have been looking for help. Grabow is 3-0 with 16 holds in 45 games, and has 41 strikeouts in 47 1/3 innings. Right-handed hitters are batting .234 against him.

Numerous reports say the discussions have increased. The Cubs also are believed to be talking to the Pirates about lefty Tom Gorzelanny, who is 4-3 with a 2.48 ERA in 15 starts at Triple-A Indianapolis. In his last start Monday, Gorzelanny gave up two runs on seven hits over 6 2/3 innings.

GM Jim Hendry said prior to Thursday’s game that the number of calls he’s received from teams has intensified since Wednesday night.

— Carrie Muskat


  1. tfdirtydozen44@yahoo.com

    The Cubs should go after V.Mart from the Indians.they want a lefty,or Crawford from Rays

  2. ratt1800@yahoo.com

    who wouldnt want to have v mart? unfortuantely we dont have the prospects to get him and where would we put him if we did get him? Soto is coming back and we have a guy named D Lee playing 1st.

  3. andrea23cubs@hotmail.com

    Please get Grabow! He would be a great addition to the club to really help seal up the bullpen. He is as tough as they come and would give the Cubs some great options in the later innings. I’ve wanted the Cubs to get him the last two years.

  4. herb1114@yahoo.com

    The cubs should go after a lefty, Sean Marshall really needs some help in the pen. And the pirates are giving away good player,lets take them because we have to beat the cards.

  5. jldavid47

    I’m not sure how I feel about this trade. Grabow is a good pickup, but Kevin Hart is a lot to give up for him. I hope the Cubs can coach Gorzelanny back to being decent. He was really good in 2007 then completely fell off a cliff. The only question is who gets the start on Tuesday. I think there’s a good chance we’ll see Samardzija. Not sure who else would take Hart’s place in the rotation until Lilly gets back.

  6. joeydafish

    I agree with jldavid47, I although Grabow is a quality lefty and Gorzelanny showed much promise a few years ago I think giving up Hart was too much. Could be Hendry panicking a little bit. Plus I never cared for the same division trades. This trade doesn’t exactly feel good, I hope I’m wrong but I think Hendry was marked as a desperate GM and pulled the trigger too soon on Hart. What is the history on acquiring Hart anyway? Did Hendry trade for him or was he drafted by us? I don’t know, I’m starting to think I would rather have seen Dempster go…. I liked the prospect of having Wells AND Hart the rotation for a long time. Let’s hope it’s one of those rare occassions Hendry knows what he’s doing.

  7. peterson88

    I don’t think that Kevin Hart is going to be a quality starter at the major league level. He was a great looking prospect at 2007, with a good cutter, but his control is a problem. To me, he looks like Sean Gallagher, who had success with the Cubs, but his stuff is not enough.
    In my opinion Ascanio is a much bigger loss. He is a solid – 23-year-old, good slider, good fastball – righty, who has a lot of upside.
    I agree with joeydafish, maybe Jim panicking, and it’s never a good sign… I still think that the Cubs puzzle is missing a few pieces.

  8. joeydafish

    Grabow is a free agent after this year so it has “going for it now” written all over it. So in the long run it could be who’s going to better…Gorzelany or Hart? I’m hoping peterson88 is correct, probably nothing to beat Hendry over the head about. Still, I think St. Louis’ GM improved his team much more DURING this season than Hendry improved the Cubs prior to this season.

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