7/31 Soto's rehab, Gorzelanny update & more

Geovany Soto will begin a rehab assignment at Double-A Tennessee on Monday in hopes of returning for the Cubs’ series next weekend in Colorado. Sidelined with a strained left oblique, Soto was to be the DH on Saturday in Mesa, Ariz., then travel on Sunday to join the Minor League team. He was to play Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Cubs have an off day Thursday when Soto could travel to Denver.

* Newly acquired left-hander Tom Gorzelanny will join the Cubs on Saturday in Florida and throw a bullpen session. Gorzelanny is scheduled to make his debut Tuesday, starting Game 2 of the three-game series at Cincinnati. Adding Gorzelanny gives Ted Lilly a little more cushion as far as his rehab goes.

“The one thing with Ted is we don’t want to rush this situation,” Lou Piniella said of Lilly, sidelined with inflammation in his left shoulder. “We want to make sure he’s properly healed. If we have to send [Lilly] out for rehab, we can do that, too. With [Ryan] Dempster, we didn’t have that opportunity.”

* John Grabow joined the Cubs Friday, and was given No. 43. He wore No. 34 with the Pirates. The Cubs apparently didn’t want to give him No. 34, last worn by Kerry Wood.

“It gives us another lefty, and it gives us an experienced pitcher at the end of the ballgame,” Piniella said of the newest addition. “Grabow gets right-handed hitters out very well, also. He’s got a real nice changeup. It gives us another dependable, reliable pitcher with experience at the end of the ballgame and we don’t have to go to our guys three days in a row like we have had to.”

* Alfonso Soriano got Friday off, part of Piniella’s grand plan to rest his regulars. The one player he’d like to give a breather to is shortstop Ryan Theriot, who leads the team in games played with 99.

* Sam Fuld was recalled from Triple-A Iowa. The Cubs had optioned right-hander Mitch Atkins to the Minor League team after Thursday’s game.

* Piniella heard about the White Sox getting Jake Peavy. The Cubs had been in hot pursuit of the right-hander this offseason.

“That’s a nice acquisition for the White Sox,” Piniella said. “I think he’ll be ready for the stretch run for them. They’re in the pennant race and they’re a couple games out of first place. It’s good to have that guy added to your arsenal toward the tail end of the baseball season.”

What if Peavy is ready on Sept. 3 when the Cubs and White Sox play a makeup Interleague game?

“Let’s not look that far ahead,” Piniella said.

— Carrie Muskat


  1. basecoach11

    How does Gorzelanny give Lilly more time to rehab? Wasn’t Hart doing a good enough job? Just because Lilly and Gorzelanny are both left handed means nothing – who cares what they are if they are effective. I’m just not sure why a guy who’s been at AAA will somehow be better than Hart who’s been pitching his tail off.

  2. joeydafish

    I can’t help but agree with harrisonnguyen…Hendry (and maybe Pinella?) is so obsessed with a lefty/righty “balance” either on the pitching staff or in the line up that he discards EXCELLENT players just because they are “righty”. He did it with DeRosa (Bradley) and now Hart (Gorzelany). Just because somebody is lefthanded does not make them better than a very good right handed hitter or pitcher. For Christ’s sake even Grabow has a better era vs. RIGHTIES (I think) so why isn’t he more effective vs. LEFTIES??? Doesn’t matter to Hendry. If Peavy was left handed Hendry would have traded half the organization for him back in the spring. I can only hope we don’t miss Hart (filling in for Lilly) like we miss DeRosa. The only upside to the Cardinals finishing over the Cubs (that hurt) is that it may be the swan song for Hendry as the Cubs GM. GOOD PLAYERS are always better to have than SO-SO LEFT HANDED PLAYERS. Hendry has been whealing and dealing too much from pressure and panic and is not well suited to LEAD this team as a competant, smart, thoughtful GM. Just when we may have found a very good pitcher to fill in the rotation and take the sting out of losing an insurance policy (Marquis…duh.) Hendry trades him. This deal sure does have a much better chance of helping the team more than the Bradley signing but it did nothing to reverse my opinion of Hendry. Until he makes amends for the AWFUL hand-cuffing contracts of Soriano, Bradley, Miles, (Heilman?) and the loss of DeRosa and Marquis he’s just another GM throwing darts and HOPING to catch lightinging in a bottle. The pressure has gotten to him and I think the other GM’s know it. Grabow is a free agent after this year, unless Hendry signs him this deal is Hart, Ascanio & Harrison for Gorzelany. I don’t know how good THAT sounds.

  3. bigbear38@roadrunner.com

    ” I can only hope we don’t miss Hart (filling in for Lilly) like we miss DeRosa. ”
    We won’t, Hart is mediocre. In my opinion. Hart is a AAA pitcher at best. He has a pretty good fast ball ( low nineties ) but is rather inconsistent therefore, it is my belief that he that he will not be effective in the bigs as a starter. His place should he remain up here in the big league is as a relief pitcher and not a starter. You can take that to the bank.

  4. rtmoore73

    Getting fresh new faces seems to be a good thing, at least initially, but as mentioned before with this be another cub curse. DeRosa is doing well and always has, he is the only one who hit during the playoffs. The Cubs are known for getting rid of incredible talent ex. Lou Brock, Eckersley etc.

    Soriano and Milton Bradley must go, I realize they are hitting better and Soriano is getting real hot, but this may be time for a after the deadline trade. Get something for him while we still can. I am sure no one would want Bradley, but hitting him 5th is a huge mistake. Jake Fox will be a great hitter, he is willing to play everywhere, and the cubs do well when he starts.

    Why not get him in right or left and either bench Bradley/Soriano, or find somewhere to put him at least when there are not producing. Fox’s defense is not that bad and when he can focus on a spot he can only get better. Not to mention Soriano and Bradley are brutal in the OF.

    We have some real young talent, and could really use some starting as well as relief pitching. Holiday is still available I know we would have to get rid of some real talent, but with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb in the OF and some young prosects, maybe we can make a deal including them.

    We need to more even keeled. 12 runs one game 2 the next will not cut it. Especially since Halliday went the St. Luis. We need to make a run and soon.

    I do not think the G boys from pit will make that much of an impact.

  5. joeydafish

    O.K bigbear, I feel better now, let’s hope you’re right as I am on the way to the bank. As far as EVER trading Soriano and or bradley it would have to be to a desperate team and the Cubs would have to eat MOST of their salary…and I’m all for it but it is not likely to ever happen. Just another shot in the foot by Hendry. Fox may not even be as good defensivley as Bradley but he may be even with or better than Soriano. Etither way I would rather take my chances with Fox in right, let him at least try to learn the position on the job and develope some consistency at the plate. I don’t car how hot Bradley gets over the next two months, I would love to see him gone by next year allowing Fukodome in right and Fuld in center then we can at least try to live with ONE terrible outfielder in Soriano but him AND Bradley has got to be a manager’s and a pitcher’s nightmare.

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