11/8 Derrek Lee has surgery

Former Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee had
surgery Monday to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb. According
to Yahoo Sports, the surgery repaired damage Lee sustained on April 5,
Opening Day. Lee batted .260 with 19 homers and 80 RBIs this season, and played 148 games with the Cubs before he was traded in August to the

“I think [the injury] had an enormous impact on his 2010 season,” Lee’s
agent Casey Close told Yahoo Sports on Monday. “To try to gut his way
through it, it had a huge influence on his statistical measurements.
It’s amazing he played the whole season on it.”

Lee, who turned 35 in September, is a free agent. He was expected to recover in time for Spring Training.

— Carrie Muskat

One comment

  1. joeydafish

    I’m wondering now that Lee is considered “old” by baseball standards, past his prime, recovering from surgery, is limited to playing only one position, may not heal entirley from surgery and will no doubt not reach any remarkable offensive stats in 2011…will that mean Hendry offers him 3.3 million just to see how it goes like he did with Nady? BA DA BING! Of course Lee doesn’t come with the mental baggage say a Milton Bradley has to offer a team that Hendry seems to love. BA DA BING! Imagine a free agent that combined the mental baggage of Bradley, the volitle nature of Zambrano, the post surgery of Nady, the terrible defense of Soriano, the mystery of Fukodome & the weight of Silva…my gosh, it’s Hendry’s dream free agent, he’d have him signed for 10 years at 20 mil per. Where’s Dave Kingman at? Oh wait, he’s not overweight.

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