11/22 Holiday shopping idea

Starting today, you can purchase ticket packages for the holidays at Cubs.com. Each Holiday Gift Pack includes tickets to four Cubs games. Fans can purchase as few as two tickets per game or as many as 12 tickets per game. Total package prices will vary based on the number of tickets purchased, with gift packs starting at just $92 (two tickets to four games).


As part of each Holiday Gift Pack, fans may opt to purchase Cubs Dollars at a scalable discount. Cubs Dollars are equivalent to cash at Wrigley Field and allow gift recipients to enjoy a complete experience at the ballgame. Holiday Gift Packs must be ordered by Dec. 20 to be delivered in time for Christmas Day.

One comment

  1. joeydafish

    I wonder how many fans are thinking of other ways to spend JUST $92.00?? Of course, what better way to help pay the salaries of Soriano, Fukodome, Silva/Bradley, Jaramillo….and Hendry? C’mon kids, let’s go help out the Ricketts and Hendry with their quest to bring US a winner!!! Who knows, if we all do OUR part Hendry may have enough money to sign Nady…again, or some other physically limited DH!!

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