7/28 Fukudome to the Indians

The Cubs dealt Kosuke Fukudome to the Indians for two Minor Leaguers on Thursday. Both Shin-Soo Choo and Grady Sizemore are on the disabled list, and the Tribe needs help in the outfield. Fukudome, 34, is batting .273 with the Cubs. He’s owed about $4.7 million for the rest of the season, and the Indians are reportedy obligated for $775,000. He had a limited no-trade clause and the Indians were believed to be one of the teams he would not accept a deal to. However, he apparently waived that clause.

The Cubs acquire Minor League outfielder Abner Abreu and right-handed pitcher Carlton Smith.

Tyler Colvin joined the Cubs in Milwaukee on Thursday and will get most of the playing time in right field.

— Carrie Muskat


  1. joeydafish

    Good riddance to an under-performing Hendry acquisiton. Of course Hendry will be looked
    upon as genius for “unloading” Fukodome with TWO MEASLEY MONTHS LEFT OF
    HIS CONTRACT. He should have been dealt two years ago but just like with Soriano Hendry believes that “in time” his players will acheive their “career stats”, justifying the ludicrous contracts….all the while the player do a little thing called AGING. What a numbskull Hendry has proven himself to be. Please, if I hear one more mention that Soriano wasn’t Hendry’s “deal” and that the owership forced that move I’m gonna blow chunks. HENDRY’S WATCH, HENDRY’S DEAL. A good GM with any sack would have railed against such a signing for a national league team.

    • Raaay Heyhey

      Home from school today…? Great acumen there… I’d have to say any trade making roster space for a call up or even a platoon of existing guys was better than keeping guys with no future in the organization around to finish out there contract.

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  4. joeydafish

    So Ray you would have to agree this trade would have been better if made two years ago, like I said. Two years of better players than Fukodome would have gone a long way but with just two months left on his contract??? I’d rather see him go for a bag of balls myself….speaking of which, Hendry might want to get some. Soriano needs the same treatment waaaaaaay before he has only two months left on HIS contract. Who thinks Hendry has the nerve to just RELEASE Soriano making room for a call up and or a platoon situation? Again, let the laughter ensue….

  5. Kate

    Quick – do you recognize these names? Brett Wallach, Kyle Smit, Jeff Stevens, John Gaub, A. J. Morris, Graham Hicks, Michael Burgess, Hank Williamson, and Garrett Olson. Along with Blake Dewitt, that is all we reaped from the salary dumps of Ted Lilly, Mark DeRosa, and Tom Gorzelanny, and the trade of Felix Pie. Stevens is a marginal major leaguer, DeWitt is a utility man. I am still waiting for A. J. Morris fever to sweep Wrigley.

    So whom did we get in today’s deal? An outfielder, who three years ago was considered a good prospect. Since then this power machine has hit twelve home runs, has a 5 – 1 k/bb ratio and hit .244 in two years in A Ball. And a 7 year minor league pitcher whose WHIP at AA for the last two years is a bit over 1.6.

  6. joeydafish

    Welcome aboard the the Hendry traveling circus Kate! Nice work. I thought those were names of dead country singers…turns out I was half right. They are dead weight?

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