7/31 Trade deadline update

The Cubs may not have made a deal by the 3 p.m. CT Trade Deadline, but they can still make a trade in August. Expect some action then.

“To make a trade today to say we made one and get somebody who we don’t think is the caliber that I’d expect in return, I have no problem not moving the people we didn’t move,” GM Jim Hendry said Sunday.

The Cubs did deal Kosuke Fukudome to the Indians for two Minor Leaguers on Thursday. The move was to make room for Tyler Colvin; the Cubs want to find out if he’s an everyday big league outfielder.

It may be hard for fans to stomach any inactivity. They see a team that’s 23 games out in the National League Central. Hendry knows that.

“Everybody says ‘Oh, you didn’t do something by 3 o’clock today — this is a disaster, that’s a disaster’ — I don’t put much stock into that,” Hendry said. “The guys we kept are for the most part guys who still have a chance to be involved next year.

“If we do make a trade or two in August,” he said, “it’s no more or less significant than if we made one today.”

— Carrie Muskat


  1. joeydafish

    It’s not the inactivity of trades that is hard to stomach as that may be a sign of Hendry being told “DO NO HARM”. It will be if Hendry remains the GM for 2012, THAT will be hard to stomach and THE reason for extreme apethy from us fans. The simple “trade” of GMs will be enough for us fans to regain SOME faith in the Ricketts…don’t they see that?

  2. Buzzamus

    “The guys we kept are for the most part guys who still have a chance to be involved next year.

    So….Fukudome is the sole reason the Cubs are 23 below .500 and everybody else was kept, because they can help turn things around next year. Ok, Hendry, you sold me…World Series 2012 for the Cubs!!! Don’t change a thing!

  3. joeydafish

    Gee Mr. Hendry what “caliber” of talent do you have in mind if we parted with the untouchable Jeff Baker? How about we get NOTHING for Grabow….isn’t THAT the expected caliber for the likes of him, Soriano etc.? What WE (the fans) get in return for YOU just dumping some players and forcing the Ricketts to eat even MORE money are two things: 1 being the increased chances of you being fired and 2 being the open roster spot for players that can hit, catch and run for crying out loud. Trade them for caliber of talent??? Get real. What bunch of spin.

  4. petrey10

    so sick the of the Cubs crap… year after year… the same story… frustration… sorry but I am done putting money into the Cubs if they don’t start running this team the way it should be ran… I love seeing a team like the Rangers go from a bad team to a WS contender while going to some major financial problems… wish Ricketts would take some hints from the owners who have been there and done that instead of sitting back and waiting everything out… Hendry needs to go!!! 90% of this team NEEDS TO GO!!!

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