4/13 Opening Day – again

It’s Opening Day in St. Louis as the Cardinals play their first game at Busch Stadium in 2012. The weather may not cooperate — forecast calls for highs in low 60s and there’s a chance of rain. There will be a parade, American Idol contestant Shannon Magrane (daughter of ex Cardinals pitcher Joe Magrane) will sing the anthem, and the Clydesdales will parade. Marlon Byrd is back in the Cubs lineup:

RF DeJesus

2B Barney

SS Castro

LF Soriano

3B Stewart

1B LaHair

C Soto

CF Byrd

P Samardzija

— Carrie Muskat


  1. joeydafish

    That’s pretty cool about Magrane’s daughter singing at the opener. A nice consolation prize so to speak. They seemed like a nice, well together family on Idol.

  2. joeydafish

    No Ty, were they on Idol too? I’ve never met the Magrane family either, just posting a NICE comment (yes, without your permission. Will I ever learn?) that they SEEMED nice on TV and I am happy for the KID. I’ll take your word for it that the entire Hendry (respectfully with a captial H) family is a very nice family. Still, I remain extremely happy that the very nice Jim Hendry is no longer the very bad GM of my beloved Cubs. Thanks for not even allowing a simple, nice comment to go unprovoked. Ooops, gotta go, it’s movie night. Tonight’s double feature: The Notebook and Titanic! God bless the Magranes, the Tys, the Hendrys and the Cubs.

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