4/21 Byrd to Red Sox official

The Cubs acquired right-handed pitcher Michael Bowden and a player to be named from the Red Sox for Marlon Byrd and a cash consideration. Bowden, 25, began the 2012 season on Boston’s Opening Day roster, posting no record and a 3.00 ERA in two relief appearances before being designated for assignment on April 15. He has a 3.91 ERA (10 ER/23.0 IP) in 16 Major League appearances since the start of the 2011 campaign.  Bowden is a 2005 graduate of Waubonsie Valley High School in Aurora, Ill. In 2011, he reached Major League highs in several categories, including 14 appearances (tied with 2010), 17 strikeouts, 20.0 innings pitched and nine games finished.

Byrd, 34, is batting .075 (3-for-43) with two RBI in 13 games with the Cubs this season, his third campaign since signing a three-year contract with the club prior to the 2010 campaign.  Byrd was named a National League All-Star in his first season with the Cubs, batting .293 (170-for-580) in 152 games for the club in 2010, while hitting .276 (123-for-446) in 119 games with the Cubs last year.

— Carrie Muskat


  1. J23

    Byrd was a decent player for the Cubs. This was a good move, since in all honesty let’s use the “R” word; we are in a rebuilding year and utilizing similar team characteristics as portrayed by Billy Bean’s As and Theo’s Red Sox. These concepts were the basis of the movie Money Ball. Build the team with a multifaceted approach that is based on utilizing and building a strong farm system, while filling the gaps with undervalued veterans such as Stewart and Dejesus. I understand and agree with the overall approach, but wouldn’t be completely truthful if I said that this type of season doesn’t frustrate me. However, I am willing to deal with it, as long as they start to do a better job in holding up their part of the bargain, by playing fundamental baseball, with an emphasis on getting on base by taking pitches, being selective and manufacturing runs. The trade of Byrd in my opinion was a necessary continued stride toward this type of baseball, in trading away a free swinger that doesn’t properly represent the desired style of baseball that this team is trying to pursue, in its quest to be a consistent winner over the long haul. J23

  2. joeydafish

    The best part of Byrd was his approach to the game, his style of play and his hustle….not his ability. If we can get the line moving sooner by his trade I’m all for it.
    Quite frankly any player that doesn’t fall into the “should keep as part of the future” category should be considered “dead man walking”. I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if Soto, Soriano are being considered as SERVICES NO LONGER WANTED. Clevinger, Jackson, Campana…..GET READY BOYS.

  3. not.morgan

    So, now what Theo? You have gotten rid of some of the Cubs’ best/ Are you going to trade Castro now?

  4. not.morgan

    Remember, the thing that makes some of us fans pull for the Cubs is their style of play and theirh hustle. They have always seemed to try their best. Now, we have some Red Sox management who doesn’t care about effort.

  5. joeydafish

    Considering Byrd as one of the Cubs best is just…wrong. He was very servicable but certainly not one of the best players. Hoystein’s making room on the roster for advancement, either this year or next and as long as I see him doing that I’m o.k. with the trades of veterans that have outstayed their welcom such as Byrd. Heck it’s still questinable why Hendry signed him to begin with….to be fair, Hoystein’s acqistion of DeJesus seems eerily similar. Byrd’s talent and ability will not be missed.

  6. petrey10

    the only reason I can see signing DeJesus was that there was a Soriano deal in place that fell through…. I have heard it was to the Orioles but again I don’t think it was confirmed or anything… the reason for it falling through was because Soriano blocked it with his NTC…but maybe it was just because of Dejesus’ wife… WOW!

  7. joeydafish

    Hubba hubba. The similarity to Byrd’s signing is apparent. Not a BAD contract, but not a NEEDED one. DeJesus is just babysitting an outfield spot so a rookie doesn’t get overwhelmed. He too may be traded before his contract expires but like Byrd it is a non-factor. Soriano and all his singles and bases loaded strike outs???? FACTOR.

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