6/19 Soto makes key play

Starlin Castro may have made a great catch and Travis Wood may have pitched a solid game, but the key to Tuesday’s win was Geovany Soto’s baserunning. The Cubs trailed 1-0 in the third when Soto reached on third baseman Orlando Hudson’s errant throw that pulled Paul Konerko off the bag. He moved up on Tony Campana’s single that Peavy deflected, and both Soto and Campana advanced on a wild pitch. Both scored on David DeJesus’ single at the end of a nine-pitch at-bat to go ahead, 2-1.

Soto’s heads up baserunning gave the Cubs two runners in scoring position. The catcher was motivated by his error in the second.

“I felt, when I was running the bases, I needed to be aggressive,” Soto said. “I had the [throwing] error [in the second] and I was really [ticked] off at myself. I thought, ‘I have to be heads up here and do whatever I can to get in scoring position.'”

And he did. Hudson, on the other hand, felt terrible.

“I lost the game for the man [Jake Peavy] — that’s it,” Hudson said. “The man threw a [heck] of a game, I lost it for him. Point blank. Case closed.”

The Cubs won, 2-1.

— Carrie Muskat 


  1. Huslelikereed

    The only way soto ran was he heard Dunkin donuts was about to close… A pale shadow of his prepotheaded self. The sooner we trade this slacker the better! Send with soriano to sweeten the trade. I’d far rather have clevenger behind the plate and at the plate.

  2. joeydafish

    Wow hustle, juuuuuust a little too critical no? Soto is no slacker, he’s just handicapped by his body type but I think he does try. Just as Soriano “trys” but he too his handicapped by his knees, bad instincts, bad glove (I don’t care what any “expert” says about him improving his defense. He did improve…and he’s STILL bad), bad batting eye etc. I won’t mind seeing Soto traded but c’mon, Dunkin Donuts???

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