7/31 Dempster moves on

The Cubs’ deal with the Rangers for Ryan Dempster was finalized less than five minutes before the 3 p.m. Trade Deadline. Dempster wanted to go to the Dodgers but when no trade was possible, he gave Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer other teams, which opened the door for the Yankees and Rangers.

“Once the Dodgers were out, there were two teams that got in on it and the Rangers moved really fast,” Dempster said. “They obviously have a very good team and I’m going to go down there and hopefully be a small piece of what they have going there. They’re in first place and proven winners the last couple years. I’m going to go down there and hopefully sneak in the back door and try to blend in and do my job when asked to do my job.”

Now that the Trade Deadline has passed, Dempster said he felt relief.

“There’s definitely a lot of excitement to go to a first place team and a winner,” he said. “There’s some tough feelings and emotions. I played here for a long time and I pitched a lot of games on that mound. It’ll be weird not putting on that Cubs uniform.”

He had talked to Greg Maddux, now on the Rangers front office, in Spring Training, and the former Cubs pitcher raved about Texas manager Ron Washington.

Dempster sat in Hoyer’s office while the details were finalized.

“Within a matter of minutes, before the Trade Deadline, I was a Texas Ranger,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


  1. Cubs Talk

    If no trade was made, Dempster would had to force himself to do a “Mark Prior” type of injury and go on the DL for the reminder of the season to avoid those angry Wrigley boos.

  2. Nick gross

    No single player is “bigger” than an organization and though the removal of the “scab” (as the building process was referred to) may be painful right now, you have to trust the organization. However, losing individuals like Dempster is especially painful for those of us that look beyond the player. Though RD was a great pitcher here, it is his performances off the field that are truly impressive. What a great human….we will miss you here in Chicago but will always remember your contributions and wish you and your family the best!!

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