5/21 Who’s on 3B?

Ian Stewart was projected as the Cubs regular third baseman this season before he was injured in Spring Training and now he is playing for Triple-A Iowa. However, Stewart is not high on the organization’s depth chart at third base. Stewart said Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations, told him that Josh Vitters, the team’s No. 1 Draft pick in 2007, would be getting most of the at-bats.

“[Vitters] is the priority, put it that way,” Dale Sveum said Tuesday. “Who knows about third baseman of the future, but he’s a priority to develop as that guy. The guy was a first-round pick and the guy can swing the bat. We still have to develop him with the thought of him being our third baseman some day. He’s got power, he can swing, he can hit a fastball. But there’s a lot of development left in him.”

Where does that leave Luis Valbuena, who is getting the majority of at-bats at third with the big league team? Vitters is 23 years old, Valbuena is 27, and Stewart is 28.

“If Valbuena keeps playing the way he is, he’s our third baseman,” Sveum said. “He’s doing a very nice job. That’s just what you do in the Minor Leagues, you develop people to be in that spot. Whether it happens [with Vitters], who knows? That’s usually up to the individual who you’re trying to develop. They’ll force your hand, one way or the other.”

Vitters, who has been battling a sore quad, was batting .259 for Iowa with two home runs and seven RBIs.

— Carrie Muskat


  1. joeydafish

    If Valbeuna keeps playing the way he is….blah, blah, blah Dale and DUH. What alternatives are there? …As soon as ANY third baseman can “unseat” the juggernaut Valbuena it’s gonna happen. Could be Vitters or it could be via a trade depending on how long a leash they give Vitters. He probably has one or two more years before they pull the plug. I’m pulling for the kid, too bad he’s not seizing the opportunity NOW however when the door is wide open despite Sveum’s man crush on Valbuena.

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