6/11 Stewart expected to be fined

Ian Stewart faces a fine and possible suspension by the Cubs for his rant on Twitter about his status in the organization. Cubs GM Jed Hoyer told the Chicago Tribune Tuesday that the team would deal with Stewart’s punishment privately.

“We spent the entire morning dealing with an issue that doesn’t help us get better as an organization,” Hoyer told the Tribune. “That’s not how we want to spend our time. What he did was really unprofessional and there are going to be consequences. Beyond that, I’m not going to comment.”

Stewart, 28, who started at first base Tuesday for Iowa against Oklahoma City, was 1-for-3 with a RBI double Monday night for Triple-A Iowa. After the game, he vented on Twitter. A fan asked when Stewart if there was “any word when you’re heading back to Chicago.” Stewart replied: “Probably never.”

Another person responded to Stewart, saying he should quit baseball. Stewart’s response: “Why should I quit? I’m making 2 mill in AAA like u would give that up by quitting”

Stewart signed a one-year, $2 million contract last December after the Cubs non-tendered him.

Someone else said that if Luis Valbuena was hurt, Stewart would be called up. Stewart’s response: “I honestly believe if Valbuena were to get hurt cubs wouldn’t cal me back up just MHO”

He then added: “I said that because the cubs are done with me … there (sic) going to let me rott (sic) in AAA all season and then non tender me after.”

Stewart suggested the Cubs “might as well release” him so he could sign with another team. Stewart said Cubs manager Dale Sveum was the reason he won’t play for the big league team. Stewart said: “I think dale doesn’t like me and he’s running the show.”

— Carrie Muskat


  1. Tom McNelley

    Ian Stewart is batting .164 in AAA – he needs to recognize his place and realize he’s not the player he once was. Perhaps its his frustration boiling over for not playing well, but he didn’t help himself making these comments, and other clubs will not look at this positively either.

  2. White

    Too bad. Stewart seems to have shot himself in the foot. Not a happy way to end one’s career. Would have been better for him to take his angst out on a punching bag.

  3. Tracy Beason

    its easy to see how much Castro has changed his mindset at the plate…his first to years in the MLB he played with reckless abandon at the plate and hit everything but that is when he viewed it as a “game”. Now he has a child and I think he is viewing it as his “job” as in what he will use to support his child(ren) in the future….therefore he is not having the “fun” factor as much anymore. did anyone see his face light up last night when he got that hit? at least it seemed that way to me… of course this is just my observation I could be way off

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