6/14 Ian Stewart update

Ian Stewart was given a 10-day suspension on Friday for violating the loyalty clause in his contract. Stewart has appealed the suspension.

The Cubs suspended Stewart without pay Tuesday for venting on Twitter about the team and manager Dale Sveum. Stewart is on the Triple-A Iowa roster, and said the Cubs were making him “rot” in the Minors.

Stewart signed a $2 million contract this season, but was injured in the first intrasquad game, and did not play in Spring Training. After completing his Minor League rehab assignment, he was outrighted to Iowa. The Cubs are trying to negotiate an out in which Stewart would be granted his free agency without getting his salary.

If the 10-day suspension is upheld, Stewart would lose more than $110,000.


  1. Mordecai Brown

    Ian Stewart is doing nobody any favors playing in Iowa. He’s blocking somebody’s hard earned progress to the major leagues. Truth is, he ought to be paying the Cubs to let him play anywhere. Ron Santo he’s not.

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