9/30 Cubs dismiss Sveum

The Cubs on Monday dismissed Dale Sveum as the manager, and Theo Epstein says he will begin the process of hiring the team’s 53rd skipper on Tuesday. Epstein said he met with Sveum at the All-Star break because they had some concerns about the development of young players. During that meeting, Epstein said he had a “long and brutally honest meeting” with Sveum. Epstein met again with Sveum in Milwaukee in September for two hours to give him a heads up. On Sunday night, the two had beers and discussed the team, and Sveum was informed then that he would not be returning.

The priority with the new manager will be that he can develop young talent, Epstein said.


Good for Epstein. I admire his brutal honesty. Nice change of pace for a Cubs’ GM!

I hope this opens the door for Joe Girardi!!

While we wait to see who will be the Cub’s new manager I would like to wish Sveum all the best in whatever new job he gets. I would also like to thank him for his hard work with our team. I will not judge him for whatever successes or failures occurred during his tenure. Just a thank you, Sveum, for trying your best.

Good thing you are not the GM as judgment was required…

:)) Nope, joey, I wouldn’t want that job for anything in the world!

Since the whole coaching staff is being looked at, who do think they will get as hitting coaches? I think it’s almost obvious that they just picked James Rowson and Rob Deer up off the streets. Rowson was never good enough to make it in the big leagues as a player, so why is he “teaching” big league ball player how to hit! And, Deer only hit .220 over his entire career, true he hit a bunch of homeruns in the “dead ball” era, but also led the league in strike outs 4 times and came in 2nd twice. Why are these guys hitting coaches?

That question was asked over a month ago Adam.

Which coaches are in our future will depend upon the manager selected, Adam. That is most often a concession made to a new hire by management, i.e. permission to select his own coaches. Please do not dismiss instructors without major league experience cavalierly. Joe Maddon never played a game in majors, and yet is regarded as one of baseball`s best managers currently. That said, it still could be true Rowson and Deer are not effective coaches. They simply could lack the wherewithall to relate to players.

Which coaches are in our future is dependent upon the new manager selected, Adam. That is a concession management often makes to a new hire, i.e. the manager is permitted to select the coaches he desires. Please do not dismiss cavalierly baseball folk who have no major league experience. Joe Maddon never played in a major league game, and yet is regarded as one of best managers around. All that said, it is very possible that what you said about Rowson and Deer is true, meaning they are not effective coaches. It may be they are incapable of relating to players. But what do I know, as I predicted Dale would be retained, based on being told recently that Theo backed him 100%.

Mighty big decision by Epstein. Not often a GM will admit the guy he brought on can’t handle the job. I thought, not unreasonably that TE would give Sveum another year, but always thought he was in over his head. He didn’t look like a manager, he didn’t act like a manager and he didn’t manage like a manager, so why should he be expected to perform like a manager? I said in my earlier posts, that Sveum looked like a guy who should have a cup in his hand, standing out in front of Wrigley Field instead of being inside the park in a position of responsibility. I would say that Girardi should be #1 on the list to replace the departed, unproductive Sveum. He still has the youthful look, the total experience package along with a record of accomplishment. And I think he’s tired of all the B.S. (Billy Sims) that the Steinbrenner’s have going on with that circus in New York. Plus, the foundation of the club looks like a rummage sale, with little left in the farm system, unlike the Cubs, to make a quick turnaround. So, Theo, pay the guy what he wants, let him come home and bring an end to this long drought of not rejoicing in a pennant. Here’s one for Joe.

Focusing on looks? How about how a guy will actually manage? I had no problem with the way Svuem looked, his grizzled appearance at first seemed very different…evidently “LOOKS” are not a job requirement. I would be fine with Maddon and his looks (old? glasses?). Why are we to judge a book by it’s cover? Girardi “looks” like a drill sergeant belonging in the Marines not in the Major Leagues…but so what….he CAN manage. Brad Ausmus may look too young yet his name is being mentioned as well, can he MANAGE? This we don’t know, we do know Girardi CAN manage very well, both the youthful and the veterans, both the humbled and the primadonnas. I hope they do the right thing and sign Girardi to a five year contract instilling authority, faith and respect which is so desperately needed.

I keep returning to the same point, joey, i.e. if Joe G. is the outstanding skipper you espouse, why would not his current club do all in its power to retain that valuable commodity?

Theo said his priority in selecting a manager is one who can be effective at working with young talent and guiding them to excellence, something Sveum obviously did not demonstrate. I`ve observed Joe G. each season he`s been with New York and that ability to bring out best in young talent was not his strong suit. He is a retread, and hiring him would be another example of musical chairs. We need a more inspired decision here, and I`m confident Theo has some potential talent in mind, and do not be surprised if it`s someone without prior major league experience.

I love how people automatically dismiss Girardi as a developer of young talent because he’s managed the Yankees. True, the Yankees haven’t developed a lot of young talent while Girardi’s been around, but that’s not how they work. Besides, where and when is this young talent going to play when your roster is full of guys making 8 figures a year? Instead, how about looking at Girardi’s year of managing the Marlins. That team had established, but still young, stars Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis as well as unknown-at-the-time Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, Anibel Sanchez, Hanley Ramirez, and Dan Uggla. They were projected to lose 90+ games that year, yet they nearly finished .500 and Girardi won the NL Manager of the Year Award for it. And then of course there are his 15 years as a Major League catcher. You can’t tell me that in those 15 years, he never caught a young and talented pitcher or discussed defensive alignment and pitch selection strategy with a young and talented hitter? Plus, people seem to forget that you can’t go all in on a guy who is good at developing young talent but doesn’t know how to manage a game. Girardi clearly knows how to manage and he does have some experience with young talent, so I would put him near the top, if not at the top, of candidates to manage the Cubs in 2014 and beyond.


Cubs should hire Toney LaRussa.

You are not serious, are you? An ex Cardinal? Think he`s content in retirement, from managing, that is. Someone said Ozzie could be a consideration, if some of primary choices do not agree to terms. That was said in jest, I hope. Don`t want to see Wrigley become a zoo. Besides, he might insist on bringing back his cohort, the crazy Venezuelan, Big Z. Actually both are crazy Venezuelans.

It will not be long before many people will want the Cubs Managers job. The average fan dont see whats going on, even though it is mentioned everyday. The youth movement. Average fan dont follow the Minors, but real Baseball people do.
The Cubs have alot of young talent AA and below, when some of these guys start coming up and some will, the Cubs will be very competitive.
Now, the Managers job. Whoever it is, that finally gets the Cubs to the WS is going to be a hero, a Chicago ICON forever. Bigger than Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, bigger than Al Capone and much bigger than Obama. He will be an instant Chicago ICON for life.
So it will be very soon, that many successful Managers will want this job. Even right now, do you really think that Epstein/Hoyer would fire Sveum without having someone in mind? In less than two years they have built a foundation of sustained success that has not been seen yet. Attendance has suffered, fans have suffered at the Major League level. Everyone complains, but Theo/Jed are doing exactly what they said they will do.
Alot of Managers would enjoy Managing the Cubs right now!

Quite an opinion you have there Jasper. I might say the average fan may very well follow the minors, you and I certainly don’t know. I would think the BELOW average fan does not follow the minors and the ABOVE average fan follows the minors, the majors and the draft picks. Bigger than Obama….? Who can argue THAT? Good point. As well as your point regarding the job Hoystein has done and is doing. The firing of Sveum should give us fans an indication that the two in charge will hold themselves accountable as well as field managers, coaches and players.
The firing of Sveum speaks volumes and confirms their dedication and scrutiny.

Joey honestly, the average fan has no idea whats going on below the the Major League level. All they see is the current Cubs and losing.
Example being: a Cub Fan thinking the Draft and slot you get is less important than a win at the end of a horrible season. Example: Fans complaining about the trades of Garza, Dempster, because they dont see instant talent at the Major League level. Example: people dont see whats happening behind the scenes, like the coaching staff being awful, all they see is Castro going 0 for 4.
Teams are built around average fans, they go to games to enjoy, drink a beer, have a Hot Dog, teach the kids about the game and stats. Thats great!!! That dont mean they have a clue who Corey Black or C J Edwards and the future talent, they just know what they see.

I’m just you don’t KNOW that about the average fan, you assume it.

Well we disagree there joey, I do know it.

Forgive me your all-knowing Excellency.

I think you take it as a dis to the term (average fan)? If so, your very wrong! The game would not be as successful attendance wise without the average fan.
The average fan is what makes the game great! So, your sarcasm was not only uncalled for, but very childish.

Oh poor baby, I forgot how sensitive you can be now that you comment about more than baseball….I think (not KNOW) that for you to say/claim/espouse that the average FAN has no idea what is going on “below” the major league level is presumptuous, arrogant and privileged on your part. I take it you also know that you are an ABOVE AVERAGE FAN because you DO know what is going on “below” the major league level? Please, one must first define a FAN in order to set knowledge requirements in order to determine below average, average and above average. There are no doubt FANS out there that do not have ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE of what is going on “below” the major league level that are no doubt as “above average” as you are due to attributes other than their knowledge of “below” the major league happenings. A FAN is comprised of varied attributes and contributions, not just knowledge. My Mother was THE above average FAN and she knew little of “below” the major league goings on. What made her and people like her an above average FAN is obviously above your understanding since it has little to do with numbers, stats, facts, draft picks….I think White would understand however.

Geez give it a rest…. It’s seriously hard to even talk to u Joey…. Step off your high horse …. He wasn’t dissing anything… He was saying the majority of fans don’t know much about the minors. What’s wrong with that I would agree.

Appreciate the support there petrey10, looks like someone dont understand a debate on their board, they get very defensive. lol

And ba da bing…..!

Easy guys, we got the entire offseason to hash things out, don’t peak to soon.
You guys make this site fun, so have a seat between rounds, and keep it clean after the bell.
Thanks, Joey, Petrey, WHITE, Jasper, Jhosk, Diamondjim, ECT,ECT.

You are right Doug! We sure do get going don’t we! BUT remember that is what our Oregon brownies are for – :))

You’re welcome Doug. Always easy to keep it clean, no cussing needed. Looks like someone DOESN’T (don’t…to some…) understand a debate on their board, they get very critical of the “average” fan for not seeing what is going on even though it is mentioned every day. As if the average fan is beneath him, or blind. How one can make a statement about what the average fan sees or does not see is vain. How would average fans, or the majority of fans for that matter ever prove they do indeed see what is going on at the major league as well as the minor league level?
How can one KNOW this? A survey? Do they report to Jasper? The one thing I do know is my differing opinions and thoughts certainly get under someone’s skin. I’ll take it, better than support from HWSRN.

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