5/14 Minor matters – Tuesday’s games

* Chris Rusin gave up five runs — four earned — on eight hits over six innings in Iowa’s 8-0 loss to Nashville. The I-Cubs totaled two hits — one by Rusin and another by Logan Watkins. It was Rusin’s first start since throwing a no-hitter.

“I’m a pitcher that needs luck sometimes to keep the ball in the infield but today those balls were squeaking through that they were catching the other day,” Rusin told the Des Moines Register.

* Stephen Bruno was 4-for-5 with two RBIs and Kris Bryant belted his league-leading 11th home run and drove in four in Tennessee’s 10-7 win over Jackson. P.J. Francescon picked up the win in relief of Jose Veras, who started the game and threw one inning.

* Albert Almora was 3-for-5 with three doubles and four RBIs in Daytona’s 12-0 win over Charlotte. Ben Wells picked up the win, striking out eight over six innings.

* David Bote had two hits, including a RBI single, but it wasn’t enough as Kane County lost, 3-2, to Beloit. Daury Torrez did not get a decision, throwing six shutout innings. He gave up three hits and walked one.


I hope k. g. sees this, but would welcome comments from anyone. I saw highlights of last night`s Giants/Bravos contest, and I believe I saw something I`ve never before witnessed and I`ve been observing major league games for 60 years. At one point in that game, Heyward was on second base and a Braves batter got a knock. Heyward raced for home, but it was apparently not a wise decision by either himself or the third base coach, if he did indeed send the runner, because Heyward was 30 ft. from home plate when catcher Posey received the baseball. The broadcaster said the runner is going to be “out by a mile.” But guess what: somehow the runner eluded Posey`s tag and scored, as the umpire called Heyward safe. Posey did not protest. The replay showed that Posey missed the tag. Posey is an outstanding young player, but I reckon this was an example of a player`s head not being in the game. There was also an at-bat by Posey shown in a critical situation for the Giants with at least two runners on base, when the catcher waved weakly at strike three. It looked as though Posey was not ready for that pitch, as he seemed to have no clue. He was “out to lunch,” if you will. Again, it looked as if the catcher did not have his head in the game.{ And that is not hyperbole when I write that Heyward was at least one-third of the way up the baseline when the catcher had the ball in his mitt waitng for the runner.} I encourage you all to try to find a replay of that.

I live in the Bay Area. I didn’t see the play, but it was highlighted on the local newspaper and caused a buzz on sports talk radio. (Posey’s 0-5 as well; he’s normal such an amazing, clutch hitter). I guess the missed tag was rather jolting. But hey, even an erstwhile Rookie of the Year and MVP can have a bad game. They do play 162, after all.

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