5/15 Cubs lineup

There is rain in the forecast Thursday but it’s sunny now in St. Louis for the Cubs’ series finale against the Cardinals. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Kalish RF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Valbuena 2B
Lake LF
Olt 3B
Baker C
Hammel P


Its obvious that most of us want to see Olt in the lineup everyday. Management has explained to us, why he is’nt, I get that.
They tell they are looking for the right matchups for Olt, to put him in a position to succeed and get comfortable at the ML level, I get that.
Olt is leading the team in HR’s, has 19 RBI’s in part time play. Hitting .185. Of course, how does he get into that rythem they speak off if hes not playing!
My question is: When they put Olt in the lineup today, they put him in the 7th slot with Baker and the pitcher hitting behind him, why? Do they think he will see good pitches to hit? Is that putting him in a position to succeed?
Rizzo walked three times last game, why not really put Olt in a position to succeed and bat him 4th a few times? He will see better pitches and maybe, just maybe it will force the pitcher to pitch to Rizzo.

I suggested something similar last week about Olt, and was shot down by Petery……lets see if he slams & mocks you also!

It really dont matter if he does! Its all on how one views it. Fans can have opinions or debates, but the bottom line: we are just fans and have no say!

Petery? I thought his name was Petrey. I promise you, CubsTalk, Petery or Petrey or whatever his name is, will not slam Jasper, as they`re best buds. Do you follow my drift? You can take that to the bank, and that`s the name of that tune, as Robert Blake the actor who appeared in the film “In Cold Blood,” based on the Truman Capote book by the same title, loved to say often.

My only guess is, this is an opportunity to teach Olt a patient approach at the plate. As you said, with two weak hitters behind him, Olt probably won’t see a whole lot to hit. So instead of Olt going up there thinking to swing at the first pitch that is anywhere near the zone (which might be one reason why he’s hitting below .200 at the moment), maybe he’ll learn to go up to the plate and look for his pitch and if he doesn’t get it, then he doesn’t have to expand the zone and try to do too much with a bad pitch just because he feels he has to hit it out of the park every at bat.
As for Rizzo, he has a pretty good eye at the plate and draws a lot of walks anyway. That’s what I think they’re trying to do with Olt. Get him to the point where Rizzo is at now: a solid hitter who doesn’t feel the need to expand the zone just because he feels that he has to hit the ball out of the ballpark on every single at bat. And again, try not to complain too much about individual lineups on any given day. It’s more the lineup trends you have to look out for. Renteria might just be trying something with Olt to see how he responds, and batting him 7th for one game is not going to turn him from a future All Star to a bust.

Great points Doug, as always. Old man and old school, just dont understand batting a youngster with talent, ahead of two automatic outs.
As you say, it may be to help him with patience. Hopefully I get that and so does Olt.

Perfectly said.

Well said, Doug

He definately put that in perspective and ended a nice debate. lol

Jasper, we are fans and we don’t have to accept what we are given. Day to day decisions belong to managent; however we don’t have to buy their product!

I don’t attend games, watch or listen to games. They don’t get my money because they have a poor product.

I don’t care about Wrigley Field, tradition, WGN or the Rickets’ debt. I manage mine and they should too.

I’ve had business’ in highly cometitive industries where survival and profitability is determined by the quality and service I provide.

Fans need to stop paying and buying an inferior product; turn your attention away from baseball and you’ll not only have a more satisfying life, they will also start paying attention to fans need for a better product.

GEO. You bring up many good points, but the Cubs and baseball is something I enjoy. I support them when possible. ST, games in Phoenix, Chicago when possible, enjoyed the AFL last fall. Plan on going to some Minor League games as well. Even went to Vegas to see them play the Mets in a ST game.
I understand your views on a quality product and finances. I owe no one anything, but my love of baseball, Cubs, watching the rebuilding process is alot of fun in my retirement years.
As far as Wrigley Field, love it, love the history. However, if roof top owners were holding up progress, I would be building in Rosemont ASAP.

Hitting in the 7th position didn’t help today for Olt……….Castro was moved up & down this entire lineup until he got to the place where he got relaxed at the plate.

Yes, because Mike Olt didn’t hit 3 home runs, hitting him in the 7th spot was a total failure and pointless. Wow, it seems like Mike Olt isn’t the only one that needs to work on his patience.

I’d be happy to shoot down my friend Jasper. Olt is hitting .187, which is terrible. His OBP is .265, which is terrible. How does that qualify him to bat 4th? Valbuena has a .351 OBP, which is actually pretty good. The sinlge most important offensive stat is OBP. It take 1.2 (or something) slugging points to equal 1.0 points of OBP. So if Olt isn’t getting pitches to hit, then walk. Take a walk. Barry Bonds only swung at pitches that were strikes. So he walked a lot. Anyway, it is better to not put pressure on Olt and put in lower in the line-up.

Different view or opinion and respected. My argument is: Olt leads the team in HR’s, second in RBI’s, playing part time, where would he be if hitting higher in the order?
Valbuena is doing excellent, love his OBP and taking walks.
Exactly why I would play Valbuena against every RH pitcher, put him at 2B. Move Bonifacio to 2B when facing LH pitchers. Barney would not see any action at 2B, unless the Cubs have the lead and I need a defensive replacement late in the game.

Also, the fact that Rizzo walked three times is good! Good players walk! It means that he isn’t swing at pitches that aren’t strikes. That’s a very, very big reason why he is doing so well this year. The teams that don’t swing at balls, the teams that have pitchers who don’t wlak players or hit players, are the teams that win. That, in a nutshell, is why the Cubs have stunk for so many years, because they don’t get players who control the strike zone.

Cubs Win, yes good hitters walk. However they walk much more when pitchers are not scared of they guy hitting behind them.
Would you pitch to Rizzo with guys on and the game on the line? Or just pitch around him, let Scherholtz fly out to end the inning?

That’s a good point. I would definitely pitch around Rizzo. I look forward to the day when Byrant bats behind him!

If I were in charge, Olt would play nearly every day and Valbeuna would be at second. Just like you. But I wouldn’t put Olt in the 4th spot. That’s a lot of pressure for someone with a .187 BA. And if he really isn’t gettng pitches to hit, then I’d like to she him not swing.

I get what your saying, I know I would not bat him 7th with Baker and the pitcher hitting behind him.
Remember the year Colvin hit 20 out? The next year Quade was manager and batted him 8th when he did play him? That did not put him in a position to succeed.

Sorry – I don’t mean to get so fired up. Whew….

batting Olt 4th he would be seeing more of the pitcher’s best stuff. May he see more strikes? YES! But its obviously going to be in better scoring situations…. higher pressure… more on the line…. You put Olt 7th just so he gets a few more fastballs and less of the off speed pitches which is what Olt is having a hard time hitting. Sure Olt has the lead in homers and RBIs but the fact is he doesn’t make enough contact to be put there at this point. Now if Olt continues his hot streak I would love to see him bat 4th but why push the kid to do more than he has to do at this point? Lets just let him get settled and keep working on that approach.

I have already been put in my place petrey. Your too late today. 🙂

Just got in,spent 15 minutes enjoying recent posts. Good comments down the line,very interesting,THX Cubs fans for a breather. Enjoyed.

When all the talk about where Olt should bat in this lineup, the only issue that really matters is …..our Cubbies lost another game……….

Maybe we should be more focus of what year this organization will turn around this Losing Tradition!……..

How long should Cubs Fans wait for Theo & Jed’s Program to work?…….

Is Renteria the answer?……Should he get two years to improve ?…….

If the Cubs lose 90 plus games this season, will you be upset?…..

If the Cubs are NOT in the playoffs by 2016, would you be upset?……or 2017?….

Do you believe the Cubs should be over 500 in 2015?…..if not, would you be upset?

If Ricketts raise ticket prices after this season and not sign a Major Free Agent, would you be upset?

If the Marlins make it to the World Series before the Cubs….would you be upset?

If the Astros make it to the World Series before the Cubs…would you be upset?

If the White Sox make it to the World Series before the Cubs……would you tear the hair out of your head?

How many more excuses should we give the Cubs Organization before Cubs Fans revolt?

Too many questions for me. At this point the loss means nothing.
I am perfectly happy with Management, Ownership & Renteria.
Olt did get a walk, hopefully he is learning patience.

Too many questions…..or was it not having an answer for at least one of my questions! …………..if you are satisfied with another Cubs loss and hitter getting just a walk in a game…,,,.then that says allot for you Jasper and others who think that way if that makes you happy with this regime……………I tell you this, top notch teams like the Cardinals, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels , Braves and their fans would not accept that losing attitude year after year with their team, GM or Owner.

If they would not accept it, exactly what would they do about it?

Now if you read above, I think you will find that the walk comment was a joke from earlier conversation.

I think your unhappy with the way things are going and your trying to make others unhappy. Wont work on me, dont know about others. Win or lose, keep Barney or trade him, I am a Cubs fan. 🙂

Jasper, I think Cubs Fans should not hear this organization give out anymore excuses……we are a third big city market……the owners charge in the top three of highest price tickets for AAA baseball product on the field……I don’t make other people unhappy about the Cubs…….the Cubs & FO make their fans unhappy……..but as everyone can tell, less and less fans are attending Cubs games……..sure the fans will come back when the wins & playoffs happen…….meanwhile, we are a given a poor product on the field…………I just want everyone to be prepared for the worst if our so called prospects fail ……or if Theo’s plan fails…….or if we have to go through a new GM, Manager, or another Master Plan when 2020 comes around…………..lets hope I am wrong.

What excuses have they given you? I have not heard any.

Jasper, I’ve been a Cub fan since 1967. It was a good period of fun thru 1972. Ron Santo was my favorite player – I appreciated his ability to get on base, drive in runs and hit with power. He and several others were inspirational to an eleven year old boy. I understand being a fan; however, they haven’t been in a World Series since eleven years before my birth and I hope they can not only play in a World Series, but win a championship while I’m still alive. I’m now 8 and even expansion team fans have had greater satisfaction. I love fans like you an hope that they’ll win a championship because you and all long-time Cub fans deserve it.

I got hooked on the Cubs, when the Braves moved to Atlanta. I had a choice of White Sox or Cubs, already being a NL fan, it was an easy choice.
If you were a fan in the late 60’s, there is a book I recommend you order, (The Cubs of 69) by Rick Talley.
Great book, not only brings back that season, but great for conversation as well.

Rick Tally! I read his articles daily. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ron Santo is the reason I`m a Cubs fan, too, GEO. I started in 1961. I admired that he excelled despite his diabetes. My best friend at the time suffered from juvenile diabetes, and that is why I was familiar with the challenges and tribulations that disease entailed. That friend expired at age 29 from the disease`s complications.

Sorry 8 should be 58.

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