5/15 Cubs vs. Brewers

Looking ahead to the Cubs’ upcoming series against the Brewers, here are the pitching matchups:

Friday: RHP Jeff Samardzija (0-3, 1.45) vs. RHP Kyle Lohse (4-1, 2.75)
Saturday: RHP Edwin Jackson (2-3, 4.56) vs. RHP Matt Garza (2-3, 4.98)
Sunday: LHP Travis Wood (3-4, 4.91) vs. RHP Marco Estrada (3-1, 3.28)


Notes, Thoughts and Rumors……..

– Hottest Samardzija trade rumor is one with Colorado and prospect pitchers Jonathan Gray & Eddie Butler………
– Tommy John is auctioning off signed x-ray photos of his elbow for charity……
– Carlos Marmol was DFA by the Marlins……
– Two Rangers starters are injured, Harrison & Perez…..for Perez, who was on the trade table with a Garza deal a few years ago, might have Tommy John surgery……
– Look for the Rangers to empty their system for Samardzija……GM Daniels job is on the line this season……and the Rangers need to win!
– How can MLB call games today Double Headers if they are two separate events……….Double Headers is where you buy one ticket for two games !
– Now the Cubs are worry about Javier Baez………don’t worry, Theo will say Baez was a Jim Hendry pick……
– Tyler Colvin looking good early in San Fran…….
– How about making teams also take both EJax & BJax in any Samardziza trade !…….
– I saw Giants Posey missed a tag on Heyward……I wonder if he is still worries about contact plays?…..
– Anyone see the new Braves Stadium drawings?……..the project include a downtown section of shops & restaurants, similar to a Universal Studios Boardwalk……….the stadium itself is unappealing.
– When Matt Garza pitches at Wrigley, there should be a Free Dental Checkup Clinic for Cubs fans in honor of Garza’s “Kicking Cubs Teeth Out” remarks.
– Gordon Wittenmeyer says Cubs need to spend in free agency sooner then later…..that’s good Gordon, but what major “key” free agent players want to play on a team that loses 90 games?
– Veras returns, and Rosscup lands on the DL.

There is so much that you may be a little confused about, or maybe just forgot what you read. Lets start with major FA’s not wanting to come to Wrigley. Remember Boras going off on Cubs management because they would not bid on his FA’s? Fact is, Cubs management were not interested in his FA’s. The only interest I seen, was in Tanaka. They put out a competitive bid, Tanaka chose NY. They are not interested in high price FA’s at this time. Very easy to understand.
Hottest rumor on Samardizja? A reporter suggests that the Rockies trade the two inviduals you spoke of for samardizja. Is Managemnet speaking of this? NO! It was a reporter making a suggestion.
The Cubs have destroyed the Rangers farm system for Dempster and Garza, I would think that Daniels may shy off trading with the Cubs. If not, I sure hope they get their top catching prospect.
Tyler Colvin, how many years has it been? Good luck to him, but we should all be over it by now.
Gordon Whittenmeyer states the Cubs need to sign FA’s sooner than later? thats another LOL. Reporters dont get the fact that they are not Management and there
might be a reason for that. Just concentrate on doing your job and report on the team.
Also in 2012, it was not Hendry that conducted the Draft, as explained many times before, it was Tim Wilken. Baez was signed because of Tim Wilken, not Hendry.

Correction last paragraph: That was the 2011 Draft.

– Maybe you are confused……..Remember how the Cubs & Ricketts claimed they will “Outbid” everyone for Tanaka !…….well, the Cubs & Ricketts were outbid by the Yankees……by a very large margin………Yankees was $155 Million…….Cubs around $122 million…..
– If Jim Hendry was in charged of the Cubs when Baez was drafted, they Baez is was chosen while Hendry was in charged …….
– Baseball Reporters don’t make trades….and Cubs Bloggers have no say who the Cubs should pick in the Draft or how the lineup should be……works both ways…….
– Still much to loot out of the Rangers system…….
– Cubs fans still not over with the Lou Brock trade!.

You sure on the figures you posted?
Explained the story many times on the 2011 Draft. I give Wilken credit for the 2011 Draft and Baez, good or bad. It may have been under Hendry, but Hendry knew he was terrible at Drafting.
Baseball reporters dont make trades, exactly right!! So how does a reporters suggestion of a trade out of Denver, become a a hot trade rumor?
Much loot in the Rangers system, yes. So will Daniels take another gamble on a Cubs Pitcher after being burned twice?
I am over the Lou Brock trade. Ernie Broglio just did not perform for the Cubs.

You’ve brought up the whole “Cubs/Ricketts/Theo said they would not be outbid for Tanka and they were so they obviously are awful at doing what they do” many many many times now for the past several months. I have vague memories of that being said, but I wasn’t sure by who, so I Googled “Cubs will not be outbid for Tanaka” to see what exactly comes up and where the origin of that quote was. Turns out it wasn’t from Tom Ricketts. It wasn’t from Theo Epstein. It wasn’t from Jed Hoyer. In fact, it wasn’t from anyone in the Cubs front office or anyone with any connection to the Cubs organization at all. It was from a “MLB source” identified only as an AL scout in a David Kaplan report on Christmas Eve and it was that scout’s opinion that the Cubs were going to be the top bidder. Bruce Levine also reported the same information in January. The report also cautioned that even if the Cubs were the top bidder, they might not be Tanaka’s #1 choice anyway. So this whole time you’ve been acting like Tom Ricketts and Theo Epstein hosted a one-hour prime time special on WGN, telling us all how the Cubs planned on being the top bidders for Tanaka, when really it came from an AL scout who was saying it not as fact, but as opinion. So please, no more mention how the Cubs said they would be the top bidders, because the truth is they never actually said that!

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