6/9 Schwarber in Chicago

Catcher Kyle Schwarber, selected fourth overall in the First-Year Player Draft, may be close to signing with the Cubs. Schwarber tweeted on Sunday that he was “Chicago bound” and asked for recommendations on places to eat in the city. The Indiana catcher is most likely in Chicago for more than just a steak dinner.

The Cubs had an allotment of $4.6 million to spend on their first-round pick, but most likely came to an agreement with Schwarber on less. Some have estimated the catcher would sign for $3 million. An announcement could come as early as this week.

— Carrie Muskat


We hope the young man is permitted to remain a catcher, as he seems to embrace that position, and that the organization does not plan to move him to the outfield or elsewhere. There was a Keith Moreland sighting today. He was an analyst covering the TCU/Pepperdine contest on ESPN 2.

Aloha jhosk- I am with you, if you picked this person with the number 4 pick when there were others (for example pitchers) that they passed up, I would hope that their intention was to get him as a catcher and keep him in that position as he has shown himself to have the tools for that position. Folks forget how important a good catcher is and what that means for a pitching staff. It has been a while since our Cubbies had a good-longer term and dedicated person in that position. Hope you are doing well, will be going to the Giants/Rockies game this week and an A’s/Yankees game (gotta see Jeter one more time)! Mahalo!

The Giants continue to impress, k.g. as do the A`s. Enjoy the upcoming games. I`m pleased Virginia is going to the College World Series.

Aloha jhosk- yes the wife’s Giants do continue to impress. It is amazing to see how this team at the beginning of the year dealt with situations (for example Scutaro down, need to pick up someone(s)) in order to remain competitive. The Giants and the A’s have the best records in baseball right now, it is truly amazing to see both teams play at this level, can they keep this going, that is the million dollar question. Very neat to see your Virginia going as one of the elite 8 to Omaha! Hope they do not have to see UC Irvine too early! Irvine maybe the Cinderella of this year’s tournament and a school not known for its sport department, so good for them. Hope Virginia does well. Mahalo!

The Giants played a hot team last night and got crushed.

Aloha Cubs Win- very true, when I was writing the above, they had been beat. I guess they are allowed one of those every so often. I hope one day our Cubbies are just as good as they are. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, am aware of UC Irvine, k.g. Is interesting they have outfielders named Alcantara and Castro. Have a first baseman (Spencer) batting around .370. That team is in a separate bracket from the Hoos. UC Irvine plays very opening game of Series Saturday afternoon vs. Texas. Cavs do not play until Sunday night vs. Ole Miss. Did you know Papi was selected #38 overall by Indians? Two other Virginia players were taken ahead of Papi, Fisher, an outfielder, and Howard, their closer. Wish the Cubs could have taken that young pitcher from Hilo you cited, Madeiros. Always a pleasure, k.g.

Aloha jhosk- yes, I heard that Papi went #38 and was surprised to learn that two of his other teammates went before him. I had thought the Cubs could have taken Medeiros first (a pipe-dream of course) then if still available some of the higher catcher prospects or even someone like Papi. I am sure some folks are worried about Medeiros size at only 6ft and 185/190lbs (think Lincecum) but I think he is more like a Roy Oswalt. What is deceptive about him, given his size is that his fastball is now in the mid 90’s but he throws a slider that is around 78mph could be pushing 80-82 as his body matures more not to mention he has a very good change up. He plays good defense, something that I have not seen in all today’s pitchers, why I respect Maddux so much as an all around player. Plus Medeiros is a lefty, I just felt as he would mature and gain control-pitch placement, confidence that he would have been a nice addition to the landscape at Wrigley but right now he will be up North with the Brewers. Also, that is right about the brackets, forgot to look at those, paid a lot more attention to them a “few” years ago! Isn’t that interesting about those players in Irvine’s lineup? Well, we will see how this draft plays out in a few years and hopefully the folks the Cubs picked will show marked improvement and advancement. Take care now. Mahalo!

I learned that Spencer was not selected until the eighth round by the Yankees. Guess he`s not considered highly as a pro prospect.

Aloha jhosk- it is always interesting to see who goes and when. I remember learning about the “politics” of it all, meaning you had those that just had unbelievable numbers for almost all of their say college careers and were peaking at the right time, they did not need much help getting to the draft and being picked in the draft, unless they were playing for a small college-division. Then you had those that would be somewhere in the middle but had folks pushing for them, marketing them, in with the “scouts,” and before you know it, some of them where drafted in the 1st or 2nd rounds ahead of those that should have been taken (the politics), one only hopes that a later round person that should have been taken higher, will still excel and show what they have, makes the scouts look bad that passed on him but that does not matter. Take care now, the Giants are on a little bit of a skid of their own but I guess when you are almost 20 games above 500 you are allowed a moment in the grand scheme of things. Mahalo!

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