7/3 Cubs 16, Red Sox 9

Justin Ruggiano set a career-high with five RBI, and was one of four Cubs players to hit a home run in Wednesday night’s 16-9 win over the Red Sox. The win completed a sweep of the defending World Series champs. It’s the first road sweep since they took three from the Giants, July 26-28, 2013. In a coincidence, the Giants were the defending World Series champs that year.

* Ruggiano, Mike Olt and Welington Castillo each hit two-run homers and Nate Schierholtz added a solo shot. It’s the first time this season the Cubs have hit four home runs in a game. They totaled 10 extra-base hits, the most since Aaug. 30, 2010, vs. the Pirates.

* Travis Wood did not get a decision, giving up three runs on seven hits and four walks over 3 2/3 innings. It was his second shortest outing of the year. He now has a 6.16 ERA on the road, and a 3.08 ERA at home.

* Olt ended a 0-for-13 skid with his home run, which cleared the Green Monster in left.

* Darwin Barney missed hitting for the cycle by a home run. He was 4-for-5, notching his third career four-hit game.


– even though Boston are really bad this year, they still are in a position to get back into this race……….

– both Barney & Schierholtz are adding trade value……….hot hitters at trade time always bring extra value if thrown in the right multi player trade package.

Always? How about a few examples of a hot hitter ( hitting .210 or less ) thrown in a multi trade package?

Blue Jays also need an infielder & reliever besides a starting pitcher………so Blue Jays want Shark, but maybe can only afford Hammel……….in a short playoff series, Hammel will not get a start with most playoff teams, but Shark can………so if we include Barney & Strop in a Hammel package, we might get the same prospect value as we would with a Shark trade alone………..Shark can get traded to the Orioles or Mariners for their pitching prospects……….if Blue Jays know that Shark heads to the Orioles, the pressure is on to add more prospects to a trade……would be funny to see Shark with the Orioles and win against the Blue Jays…….that would make the Blue Jays GM cringe

Why would Hammel not get a start in a short series? He is a very good pitcher, I am hoping they keep him.
Now your trading Strop? I can see that with Vizcaino & others very close.
There might be some trades, but getting the value out of Samardizja that Cub fans think he is worth, I don’t think will happen. He is not a #1 starter!! Will he be? Maybe.
What teams are desperate for a #3 starter and what is the value for a #3? Even with that extra year.
There are many other names you could throw in as extras, Russell, Valbuena, Olt, Sweeney, why would a team give up anything extra for Barney or Schierholtz?
Teams might want Barney for his defense, but not if they scouted him last night.

Shark is absolutely pitching like a #1 starter… he in top 10 in most categories across the board. That sure sounds like a #1 to me. The other valuable piece to Shark is that its not just a rental …. he is under control all of next year too. That adds a lot of value. Then add in the salary is cheap for the value he gives your team. Those factors are the keys to us getting that high return. If no one will pay it then we will definitely look to resign him.

petrey10, I know your a Samardizja fan, I just am not. He may have pitched like a #1 in your eyes, I just dont see it. His last 5 starts, 30 IP, 12 ER, 8 walks and 32 hits. His ERA has risen from 2.54 to 2.83. Very good of course, but not a #1 in my opinion.
I have a feeling it will get worse for Samardizja this weekend against the Nats. If he would just sign a contract, all the drama would be a load off his mind, then maybe, he could relax and be that #1 that he thinks he is and everyone else would like him to be.

name a pitcher who has never went through a stretch like the above. I just don’t get what more you want from him. He IS pitching like a top 10 pitcher. There is no way around that. Should he get what he is asking? I don’t know hard for me to argue against him because the market has been set by OTHERS…. not Jeff Samardzija. What he is asking for is what other teams have paid for their players. I can’t blame the Cubs either for not wanting to pay that price but again the market has been set.

He’s only been a starter for two and 1/2 years. In his two full seasons, his best ERA was .381. The other year it was .434. By the numbers, he clearly has not been an ace. He was for less than half a season this year, but his last few starts have not been as good. I can name a lot of pitchers who have had multiple seasons of ERAs well below .300, and for an entire season.

Petrey10, its not a challenge or a trivia contest, its a difference of opinion. I dont think Samardizja is a #1, its my opinion.

I would not be shocked if Samardjiza is not traded. The Cubs are asking for a lot of prospects (I’ve read they want the top three Blue Jays’ prospects). A team would have to be pretty darn sure that this one guy was the key to winning the World Series to give up that much. And I don’t see the Cubs lowering their asking price.

Jasper….name a playoff team that will have Hammel pitch in a short one wild card playoff game series as a starter……….or a five game playoff series as a starter.

Lets find out which teams make the Playoffs and needs a #3 starter, then we will all know. Maybe the teams that just miss the Playoffs will wish they would have traded for a #3 starter?
My preference would be the Cubs keep him. He has been very consistant.

– This could be Hammel’s last Cubs start………
– David Price asking price with Prospects is higher then Sharks’s……
– If Hammel is traded to the Blue Jays, look for Barney, plus one in that deal…
– Which means Shark’s new team will be either the Giants, Royals, Mariners or Orioles…
– If Blue Jays lost out on both Shark & Hammel, and the Rays would not trade Price within their division, would they consider Edwin Jackson?…or does Brandon McCarthy look better to them?

I will let you know when it is announced. lol

I read the article too CubsTalk. Taking gossip from one blog, posting it on another, is really thinking for yourself. Very nice.

Jasper….what article?……..The only one I refer to is the one MLB Trade Rumors saying Hammel might go in the first week of July.

The one that states the exact same thing you said.

who was that?……source.

CubsTalk, your post was posted at 5:39 PM, the article on the blog was posted at 1:00 PM.
You are the one that gave me the site a couple weeks ago, out of respect for this site, I will not name it.
Just let it go, everyone knows.

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