7/14 All-Star break stats

It’s the All-Star break, and time to check the Cubs’ first-half stats:

2013 (42-51, fourth in NL Central)
93 games: .243/.302/409; 103 HR, 366 RBIs, 667 strikeouts, 51 stolen bases

2014 (40-54, fifth in NL Central)
94 games: .237/.298/.380; 84 HR, 353 RBIs, 809 strikeouts, 40 stolen bases

First Half Leaders

Batting average
Starlin Castro .276
Anthony Rizzo .275
Luis Valbuena .250
Nate Schierholtz .204
NL leader: Rockies’ Troy Tulowitzki .345

Home runs
Anthony Rizzo 20
Mike Olt 12
Starlin Castro 11
Junior Lake 9
NL leader: Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton and Rockies’ Troy Tulowitzki 21 each

Starlin Castro 52
Anthony Rizzo 49
Nate Schierholtz 31
Mike Olt 29
NL leader: Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton 63

Jason Hammel 8-5
Travis Wood 7-8
Jake Arrieta 5-1
Edwin Jackson 5-10
NL leader: Reds’ Alfredo Simon and Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright, 12 each

Jeff Samardzija 2.83
Jason Hammel 2.98
Travis Wood 4.96
Edwin Jackson 5.64
NL leader: Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright, 1.83

Jason Hammel 104
Jeff Samardzija 103
Edwin Jackson 97
Travis Wood 89
NL leader: Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg, 149

Hector Rondon 11-for-14
Neil Ramirez 3-for-3
Pedro Strop 2-for-4
James Russell 1-for-3
NL leader: Braves’ Craig Kimbrel, 29

Appearances (relievers)
Justin Grimm 44 games (41 1/3 innings)
Brian Schlitter 43 games (42 1/3 innings)
James Russell 37 games (37 innings)
Hector Rondon/Pedro Strop 35 games
NL leader: Brewers’ Will Smith and D-Backs’ Brad Ziegler, 49 each


Looks like Renteria and the Cubs took a step backwards.

Aloha CubsTalk- it is hard to see the numbers when your team has not done as good as last year by this time. Also, as Carrie points out above the two best pitchers for both ERA and strikeouts are now gone, leaving us (not including Arrieta) with starting pitching in the 5.00+ area (again based on what she mentioned above). We all knew this was going to happen before July came. I just hope the bats can come alive more in the second half to overcome some of the high scoring games that will be coming our way. It sure would be nice to win 63+ games, I think if I said 73+ I might be told I am dreaming. Take care now. Mahalo!

Not necessarily CubsTalk, it depends on expectations? Sure the record is slightly worse but I believe Renteria has (so far) achieved the expectations of Theo and Jed which is getting the team’s two “cornerstones” back on track and so far Castro and Rizzo have responded to Renteria’s “style”. No? It does remain rather sad that the offense is SO bad that Valbuena has catapulted himself into a starting role. Valbuena is a good player but him starting regularly says a lot about how far behind the offense is. In fact, the one are I am somewhat (somewhat…) disappointed in with Renteria is his choosing to play Valbuena over Olt on a regular basis. Even with Olt’s PATHECTIC batting average I always thought it more important for the bigger picture to FIND OUT if Olt can turn his batting average around to go along with his good homer and RBI totals. I think Olt’s power and RBI capability trumps Valbuena’s mediocre offense and good OBP. Other than that one issue I think Renteria is doing a fine job.

Valbuenos oWAR is 1.2 mike olt has a -.5… So NO olt hitting hr and rbis does nothing for us unless he can hit for a better average. Also olt only has 4 more rbis …. Not like it’s that far off

Hopefully, Alcantara will stay…….lots of moves will happen on this roster in the next several weeks………can we talk about T Wood?……won’t be a free agent until 2017……should Theo wait off on that contract extension now after this poor season?……….I like to see Wood put two good seasons together before committing to him for long term………..our 4th best hitter is just about the “Mendoza Line”………..two biggest disappointments have been Lake & EJax………I am looking forward the pitching that will come here after August 1st……..Vizcaino, Hendricks and others.

you left out nate, Olt, sweeny and barney. and i agree pitching coming up can not be any worse then what we are left with

well looks like we are not even as good as last year with the rest of the season up for grabes since we gave up to pitchers sure hope this is the last year like this

I know the record says no but I think this team is better than last years team.

Knew this team was bad,but they have really regressed. k.g. this is just a dream, actually a nightmare,the good thing about it is some players have gotten better,the minors are starting to show some potential and are up and coming. Maybe just maybe it might come together. There is a plan in place and I believe in it. Go Cubs!

Ms. Muskat: I’m disappointed that you left out Ruggiano & Coghlan in the batting stats. They may not have as many at bats as some of the others, but they have been extremely important in latter days of June & July to date.

They don’t qualify for starters .. They need at bats and hopefully continue to do well

They did not have enough at-bats to qualify. FYI, Ruggiano batted .237 (14-for-59) in 23 games in June, and is 20-for-50 in 13 games in July. Coghlan batted .232 (16-for-69) in June, and is 20-for-46 in July.

Waiting for the All-Stars to start! Good luck to Rizzo and Castro! Shine for your Cubs!

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