7/15 Minor matters – Monday’s games

Two Cubs prospects hit for the cycle on Monday: Albert Almora and Mark Zagunis

The Iowa Cubs have Monday and Tuesday off as part of the PCL All-Star break. Blake Parker, Kyle Hendricks and Tsuyoshi Wada will represent the I-Cubs. Arismendy Alcantara also was named to the team, but is now on the Cubs’ big league roster and will not participate.

Charles Cutler hit an inside the park, two-run home run in the fifth to tie the game but it wasn’t enough as Tennessee lost, 6-5, to Jacksonville on Monday. It was Cutler’s third homer of the season.

Albert Almora hit for the cycle, completing it with a triple in the 13th, to help Daytona beat Jupiter, 13-8. Almora is the first Daytona player to hit for the cycle since Brett Jackson did so on June 14, 2010. Almora went 5-for-7 with five RBIs and hit a home run to lead off the game. Marco Hernandez and Bijan Rademacher also homered. Dan Vogelbach and Jordan Hankins each had three hits.

Beloit scored two runs in the ninth to beat Kane County, 3-2. The Cougars totaled four hits, including a two-run double by David Bote. Before the game, Kyle Schwarber, the Cubs’ first-round pick in the June Draft, was promoted to Daytona.

Mark Zagunis hit for the cycle to help Boise beat Spokane, 11-6. Zagunis hit his first home run in the fourth, and finished 4-for-5 with three runs and four RBIs. Tyler Ihrig picked up the win. Jeffrey Baez extended his hitting streak to 17 games with two hits.

Alberto Mineo hit his first home run to help Mesa beat the Giants, 5-1. Dillon Maples threw three scoreless innings. Carson Sands struck out two in a scoreless sixth for the win.


Schwarber`s progress has been impressive, given the short time he`s been part of the organization. The man can rake.

Aloha jhosk- He sure is tearing it up! I wish they would keep him as a catcher and do with him what as the Giants do with Posey, give him a break behind the plate after so many days. Because of his bat and the fact that he can play first base, it gives Posey a chance to stretch his legs. I think that could be an option with Kyle S, maybe he goes into the outfield, so you still have his bat in the lineup. Hope you are doing well. Mahalo!

Hello k.g. I agree with you that it would be good to see Schwarber`s principal position be that of catcher, and have maintained that view from the first instant he signed. What`s not to like about having a catcher who can provide offense the way Posey and Yadier Molina have? I do not know about Kyle`s defensive skills or flaws. I enjoyed the All Star game and trust you did as well. It is quite an honor to be selected for such a contest, and as Jeter suggested to the other All Stars when he addressed them, do not take such an honor for granted, as one never knows if one will be back for future All Star games, and careers are fleeting. Jeter`s been a major leaguer close to 20 years, and the implication was that those years passed very quickly from where he sits. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- folks forgot how important a catchers is, especially after the manager-coach, a catcher is one that has to foster good relationships with all of his pitchers. He has to know them all as each is different plus make sense of the whole field when a ball is in play. There is a lot riding on the shoulders of that position and the Cubs have not had a person for quite a while that would call it “home.” I have to think was Jody Davis the last person that spent “years,” like 7+ as our catcher. Posey is such an asset and it is not just for his bat but how he commands respect from his bullpen, that means a lot to his manager who was once a catcher himself. I really do hope be it Schwarber or someone else that the FO makes this a priority. You brought up Jeter, just before we get to him, how blessed the Yankees were to have Posada behind the plate for years too! Over the years my respect for Jeter has grown. Sure he has a certain persona as all folk’s do but as an ambassador for the game, he has been one of the best. His professionalism and how he treats others, not just his teammates will be sorely missed. I wish more folks were like him; I hope he sticks around ball as he would be a great mentor for younger players and him “teaching” the younger guys not to take it for granted, that they are not “entitled” to anything, is a great lesson. To have an “attitude of gratitude.” Hope you are doing well and that our Cubbies begin this second half with feeling of hope and encouragement. Mahalo!

jhosk and K. g., I also was one of those hoping that Schwarber would be a regular starting Catcher, but it looks like that is not the plan. He has Caught, but playing LF and DH so far.
As you say, he can rake and in my opinion a very good pick. If he does continue to Catch a game here & there, keeping those skills intact, think of the value he will have as a OF at the ML level.
If a Catcher goes down, you dont need to worry about an immediate call up. The 3rd string Catcher is playing LF. That will give the Manager alot more options as far as putting the 25 man roster in place.

Yes, k.g., in regard to your citing how Jeter treats others, you`ll recall he came to Pa. last summer to rehab his injury. This summer I conversed with two women who observed his demeanor directly last season. One was employed by the hotel where he stayed, and the other at the AAA ballpark. Both spoke glowingly of his treatment of each.

Yes, Jasper. I do recall that you advocated for Schwarber remaining at the catcher position almost immediately upon hearing he signed with the Cubs. As you suggest, his versatility can`t help but be an asset. I see him finding offensive success at every level he`s placed.

Aloha Jasper- I remember you advocating for Schwarber. I was excited too by his pick since there have not been good catchers in the system for a while. Some may not know but Posey was a pitcher in college then began to work more on catching as well as learning first base. With Schwarber, if he is catcher, he can rest his legs in the OF or vice-versa. We definitely need stability behind the plate. Will be very interesting to watch his growth over these next months and year. Hopefully he will get some time in behind the plate as well. Take care now. Mahalo! PS: jhosk- that is a cool story in regard to Jeter. My college coach really hammered in us, about being gentleman and expected the best out of us all time and especially when traveling. He understood that these “boys” could really benefit from his guidance and it paid off, along with what we learned at home of course. Jeter was not only raised right but he also is willing to listen to sound instruction, meaning that he does not think of himself as having all the answers. I would love to see more of that in these players, they will be amazed what it does not only for themselves but their teams!

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