7/23 Trade deadline

The Trade Deadline is approaching, but Theo Epstein says the Cubs aren’t frantically trying to make changes to the roster.

“We’re not in a rush to make moves,” Epstein said Wednesday.

The Cubs made their splash on July 4 when they dealt Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to the A’s. Epstein said they are evaluating the current roster to determine who they’d like to keep, who can help the team going forward, and what they can do on the field with the next generation coming up.

“There’s value to keeping players who have roles here for the sake of continuity and leadership and performance on the field,” Epstein said. “We’re not in any rush to make trades for the sake of making trades.”

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, I’m curious. You get to know these players. Is it hard to see them go? It sounds like Darwin Barney is a good young man, and I would think that getting to know these guys on a personal level would make trades and cuts tough to take at times.

Yes, it is tough to lose someone who is a pro and a good person such as Barney

But NOT Barney??? Sounds like Barney is the type of player Epstein describes above…. “There’s value to keeping players who have roles here for the sake of continuity and leadership and performance on the field,”….as a player to keep for the remainder of the season but he was put on waivers primarily due to his lack of offense…? I guess. Maybe more so Barney can land with another team for a play off run, kind of like a favor to Barney? A somewhat confusing statement when relating to Barney being waived. Also, is Shierholtz and his pathetic offense next to be waived? If Barney is waived because of his .230 batting average DESPITE his STELLAR defense….one would think Schierholtz with his .200 (yep, TWO HUNDRED) batting average and just GOOD defense would have been waived to clear up a spot for an outfielder. Hell, giving B. Jackson another last ditch effort to prove himself might have been as good a move as keeping Alcantara since Schierholtz is now as bad as Jackson ever was. Yet Schierholtz remains, Olt is sent down and Barney is waived. Not that any of this is vital to the organization but it still smacks of some hipocrisy? What exactly does Shcierholtz have making him a must have on the ML roster that Barney did not have? Possibly leadership? Gold glove defense? Nope. A batting average above .229? Nope. I agree with making room for Alcantara by all means but let’s make some MORE room for another “Alcantara”?

I felt the same way about Samardzija and Hammel leaving, and Dempster, Feldman, Lilly, D-Lee, Soriano, etc., etc.

Theo’s translation……”Deals are on the table”

I am still bum out over the Burt Hooten trade.

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