8/30 Cubs lineup – Game 1

Felix Doubront makes his first start for the Cubs on Saturday, weather permitting. He’s the 12th different pitcher to start for the Cubs; they used nine last year. Anthony Rizzo is not in the lineup, and most likely will not play all weekend. He’s still bothered by tightness in his lower back. Here’s the lineup:

Coghlan LF
Baez 2B
Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Alcantara CF
Watkins RF
Valaika 1B
Baker C
Doubront P


I have found zero reports of that being the case CT. Stop stirring the pot

CT got to go with Petry on this. Find some of your posts enjoyable and laughable at times,but do not regress back to some of your antics. If you have inside info state it,but do not bring negativity to a promising thing that is going on here. Have seen more Cubs exposure in the last three weeks on different media outlets than ever. Go Cubs!

Agreed…. Fun times… That was the guy whining and complaining from April to June with every post saying ” we stinks” …. And we are going to get a top 5 draft pick .. Etc etc… It’s not needed.

I think if a poster had inside info, he would list his source?

What you aren’t stating CT is that we are much improved from April…. We are 1 game under .500 since June 1 and if we didn’t trade away our top pitcher we would probably be better than that. I’m not saying we are a great team. I am saying the time has come where our sell offs are about to pay us back in young talent for the mlb team. That is going to make us a decent team as long as they can continue to adjust. If you can’t see that then I’m sorry …. Find another team to root for.

People: Carrie is just going to delete his posts. Why engage?

THX Carrie,thats all I need to now,Doubrant and the Cubs up 5-1,now back to N.D. football.Will watch tonights game,enjoying the end of the Cubs season,can not wait till next year,have been saying that for years and like many Cubs fans have said,but this feels different. Go Cubs!

Enjoying seeing these young players come up and produce so quickly. Next year will be exciting! It does feel different this time.I cannot remember the Cubs having this many prospects coming up at once. A nice problem to have. Spring training, here I come.

See you there tomntex. AFL is pretty good also.
The Cubs might be the most exciting last place team in the history of baseball.

Aloha Folks- just got in and see that our guys just notched their 61st win! Doubrout pitched a nice game through seven innings and the bullpen held up! Nice to see Watkins get some hits. The one stat that I keep looking at is the RISP and I know as the team matures and other pieces are fitted into the everyday lineup we will see so much more! Hope for a great game tonight! Mahalo!

Aloha Again Folks- just wanted to add, watching that replay of Watkins first home run was amazing, reminded of other left hand hitters that I enjoyed watching over the years like Will Clark and Mark Grace. Hope him and all the young folks the best! Now we need them all to show up for tonight’s game and praying that Wada pitches lights-out! Mahalo.

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