8/30 Rizzo out with back problems

Anthony Rizzo was not expected to play this weekend against the Cardinals because of lingering tightness in his lower back. The Cubs had a day-night doubleheader Saturday and a day game Sunday in St. Louis. Rizzo has not played since he was pulled from Tuesday’s game in Cincinnati. His back tightned up that day during a 50-minute rain delay.

“I’m going to shut it down for today and tomorrow, too,” Rizzo said Saturday. “I hit, I ran. Hitting felt all right. I took two rounds, let it calm down, hit again. Then I ran for the ultimate [test]. Jogging [is a problem].

“It felt a lot better today than yesterday, so I think if we let it rest, it’ll be OK,” he said. “I don’t want to come back and then miss the rest of the season if I’m really bad. I can wait a couple days to play the rest of the season.”

So far, the diagnosis is nothing more than lower back tightness.

“I just locked up,” he said.

Rizzo has had minor back problems before but never for this long. Could he return for the Cubs’ home game Monday against the Brewers?

“It’s day to day,” Rizzo said. “I’ll be out today and tomorrow. If I wake up [Sunday], we’ll re-evaluate. But as far as baseball stuff, we’ll be done until Monday.”

Rizzo has yet to be in the same lineup as top prospect Jorge Soler, who hit two home runs Friday in the Cubs’ 7-2 win.

“This is an important month,” Rizzo said. “The better we do now, the better we go into the offseason, the better we go into Spring Training, and everyone else feels it.”

— Carrie Muskat


Well there seem to be a lot of rumors, what-ifs, accusations and arguments on another of Carrie’s sites. Rizzo’s back problems are VERY worrisome to say the least. He will probably have on-going back issues for life. He is so tall and carries a large frame. While the doctors are assessing what needs to be done I think I will just say a prayer and hope for the best for him!

Aloha White- I am with you, saying a prayer that he will be all right and as petrey mentioned just tightness. Folks forget, especially for a position player that 162 games is a lot on the body. I hope he will be all right. God speed! Mahalo!

Actually, back issues are concerning, k.g. and White, despite the proclivity of some insufferables to make light of them. I can speak from experience, as I have been subjected to low back discomfort since my 20`s, have undergone two surgeries, and continue to have my moments, and will for the rest of my life, but am not complaining. An athlete who has back problems in his 20`s, will have far more challenges than I have ever known. I fail to see how anyone can view this as child`s play.

That is just so sweet White, I think all Cub fans will sleep better tonight. Thank you so much.

Nothing more than back tightness … Hmmm ya . Sounds like surgery to me.. (Note sarcasm)

(Note the lame brain-ism is more apropos.)

Actually I note a cavalier attitude which is not compelling and inappropriate to the circumstance.

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