8/31 Cubs lineup

Travis Wood will start the Cubs series finale against the Cardinals Sunday at Busch Stadium. Here’s the lineup:

Coghlan LF
Baez 2B
Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Alcantara CF
Watkins RF
Valaika 1B
Baker C
Wood P


Carrie, What is going on with Ely? I know sometimes the Organization gets in a bind, promotes a player beyond his talent level, because of an injury.
Last year (C) Brockmyer was promoted to AAA for three games, because of an injury and IA needed a Catcher. Then sent back to Class A.
Ely was just drafted this year, 32nd I might add, pretty low in the Draft. He went from the AZL Rookie League straight to AAA IA. Today will be his 8th game at IA and they have him batting 6th.
AA TN had Wes Darvill and Steve Bruno playing 2B this year with Bruno having a very good year, why was he not promoted? If they just needed a fill in for a few games, why not Darvill.
I rarely question Management decisions, but I dont see this as being fair to Ely. IA was just eliminated from the race yesterday. Was promoting a player from Rookie League to AAA during a title run fair to the rest of the team?
Was it fair to Bruno who had a good year, to be by passed by a 32nd round Draft Pick?
Was Ely put into a position to succeed like fans are told all players are?
It would be nice to know Managements thinking on this one.

Aloha Jasper- It is great to hear our Cubbies playing small ball today! Bunting, good defense, Wood please hang in there! Mahalo!

Hope the Cubs hang in there to win today. The first inning was a key when they didn’t score. They’ve had their chances to pad the lead and didn’t do it. Make the plays that count, Alcantra in CF. Next year will be different. Basics, basics, and then some.

Aloha tomntex- I am glad I was outside helping a neighbor because I would have pulled my hair out on this one! This is one of those games that they should not have lost. Unfortunately Wood has had a very difficult season thus far, today he gave up 6 hits, 3BB that is part of the story. The bullpen did not hold up at all and as you mentioned, opportunities at the plate. Today they were 2-12 when it came to RISP, whereas the Cardinals were 7-13 RISP. I know we are not going anywhere this season but that does not matter, I think this was a poorly played game and the Cardinals had two errors as well. I am a very hopeful person, so forgive for blowing off a little steam. I hope getting home for the team will do them some good because now they take on the Brewers! Mahalo!

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