11/2 Agent: “Insulting” to say Cubs tampered

Joe Maddon’s agent says accusations that the Cubs are guilty of tampering is “insulting” and credited Theo Epstein for doing due diligence in making certain Maddon had exercised the opt-out clause in his contract before contacting him.

During an interview Sunday on MLB Network Radio, agent Alan Nero said the Cubs did not contact him about Maddon’s availability until the MLB commissioner’s office confirmed Maddon was available. Nero said he had heard from 10 different teams before the Cubs called, as well as media outlets interested in hiring Maddon for broadcast opportunities.

Maddon, who will be introduced on Monday as the Cubs’ 54th manager in franchise history, considered managing the Cubs a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” Nero said, and feels the move will help his charities in Tampa and Hazleton, Pa.

As for charges that the Cubs contacted Maddon before he had exercised the opt-out clause, Nero said those charges are “sad and a bit insulting.”

“Theo wouldn’t even talk until he had clearance from the commissioner’s office,” Nero told MLB Network Radio. “It’s silly to suggest that. If [the Rays] want to pursue that, that’s fine. It’s very unfortunate.”

Nero said they negotiated for five to six days with the Rays regarding an extension, but said it finally became apparent that was not going to happen. Did the Rays offer Maddon a new deal that would make him one of the top paid managers in the game? Nero said no, adding, “our proposals to them were under market value.”

— Carrie Muskat

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