11/11 MLB investigates Cubs re: Maddon hiring

Theo Epstein said he welcomed an investigation by Major League Baseball into tampering allegations related to the team’s hiring of Joe Maddon. When Rays general manager Andrew Friedman left to take a job with the Dodgers, Maddon exercised an opt-out clause in his contract with the Rays, and was named the Cubs 54th manager in franchise history on Nov. 3.

Speaking in Phoenix, where the general manager meetings are being held, Epstein said the investigation was in the preliminary stages. The Cubs have yet to receive requests for phone or email records, he said.

“We welcome the MLB investigation,” Epstein said Monday night. “As we said last week, there was no tampering whatsoever. I’d rather they investigate, so we can clear our names and move on from this quickly. We’re giving our full cooperation.”

On Oct. 31, when the Cubs announced that Rick Renteria was dismissed as manager, Epstein detailed the events that led to Maddon’s hiring, saying they received an email from Maddon’s agent, Alan Nero, announcing his free agent status. Epstein first contacted Dan Halem, MLB’s executive vice president of labor relations, to confirm that Maddon had opted out before responding to Nero.

Maddon had a two-week window to make a decision, and he and the Rays did discuss a contract extension. But Maddon instead decided to see what else was available, and eventually signed a five-year, $25 million contract with the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


    • k.g.

      Aloha Joey- I am with you, as Theo said there is nothing to hide so have at it. I think it is is a cheap way for the Rays to try and get a prospect or money out of the Cubs. I understand they are hurting especially after losing a top exec and now Maddon. I could totally see Theo & Jed responding to Maddon’s original announcement not to return to the Rays, immediately because they did not want the organization to lose out on a great manager. I am sure it will turn out just fine. Mahalo!

      • joeydafish

        Aloha k.g. A desperate attempt to get something from the “loaded” Cubs. I can only hope the timing was indeed coincidental in nature as I think it is. If I recall, in this country one is allowed to pursue life, liberty and happiness. If the Rays put in the escape clause and Joe Maddon seized upon it allowing him to become a free agent, who WOULDN’T think the Cubs of all teams would not INSTANTLY pursue Mr. Maddon’s services??? Did the Rays want the Cubs (or any team for that matter) to WAIT just to prove there is not tampering? Waiting for Joe Maddon would have risked LOSING OUT on Joe Maddon.

  1. White

    Story time: On my way home one day, I stopped to watch a Little League baseball game. As I sat down behind the bench on the 1st base line I asked one of the boys what the score was. “We’re behind 14 to nothing” he said with a smile.”Really” I said. ” I have to say you don’t look very discouraged”. “Discouraged?” The boy asked with a puzzled look on his face. “Why should we be discouraged? We haven’t been up to bat yet!!” Go Cubs! 😀

    • k.g.

      Aloha White- nice to see your comment. My wife and I are enjoying spending time with our 1.5yr old nephew. My wife has taught him how to get in the batter’s box and swing! Because of his build, I am thinking I should train him to be a catcher (I know it is still very early) and who knows, one day he may play for the Cubs! Take care. Mahalo!

  2. jhosk

    That is an example of optimism personified, White. Do you think we Cubs` fans are justified in feeling as optimistic about our club`s fortunes? We are on the ascendancy, don`t you agree? But come to think of it, to your credit, you have been optimistic right along, even in the lean times the past several seasons.

  3. Jasper Jiggs

    The above is the kind of oddity I have not missed at all.
    On the article, its good to see Epstein welcome the investigation. This is the time of year Management does not need drama from the commissioners office.

    • Doug

      Yeah, I’m guessing that story never actually happened. I highly doubt kids today are into doing 1930s Vaudeville-style comedy bits with random people who show up to their baseball games.

  4. White

    Aloha jhosk and k.g. – Yes, I am optimistic about the Cub’s success. Looks as if the building blocks are in place! 😀. It is hard to have to wait so long for the 2015 season to begin. In the meantime, let’s hope we can enjoy exchanging thoughts with courtesy!

    • Jasper Jiggs

      What Baseball or Cubs thoughts have you provided or ever provided White? Sure has been peaceful with baseball discussions the last couple months.

    • joeydafish

      White, your comments today as always are so benign I just don’t get why “anybody” would take offense for what you have to say whether or not “anybody” thinks your comments are relevant or not. They most certainly are not adversarial in any way. I am glad you are commenting and enjoying a courteous exchange with jhosk and myself at the very least. Yours, mine and others’ comments all ADD to the living and breathing thing we have come to know and love as being a Cubs Fan. Amen sister, God bless and as you so often put it….GO CUBS! 🙂

    • jhosk

      I wanted to respond to this courtesy matter yesterday, White, but was pressed for time, and could not do so. I want to address the issue now. I surely agree with you that there is no good reason why we can`t demonstrate courtesy when exchanging comments. I was taught a lesson in civility by an intelligent and admirable poster on this site during the World Series. He is my role model when it comes to the subject of civility. I plead guilty to having been mean spirited to some on here in the past, and I plan to change my ways going forward. I suggest others may want to reflect on what I`ve decided, but no one can be forced to change their behaviors, of course. I believe there is another game scheduled in Japan today involving the MLB All Stars and their worthy opponent.

  5. KenlyCub

    Have to wonder about the future of Rays baseball in general. Major moves lately,bad attendance,there has been talk of relocation for awhile. If I am a Rays fan I have to be worried. Maddon always got the best of his players,what if they become permanent cellar dwellars. North Carolina had hoped to be involved in a major league team it seems like awhile back. Very popular area,east coast still,and might be able to support it. Oh well wishful thinking,shout out to you White also.

  6. White

    Okay, so the MLB is investigating the Madden hiring. If they determine that something was wrong about it WHAT are the CONSEQUENCES?

    • mlblogsmuskat1

      Cubs could be fined, or have to give the Rays a player or two. Very doubtful any penalty. Cubs have publicly outlined the chronology, and Theo made a point of saying he checked with MLB officials before contacting Maddon’s agent

      • joeydafish

        How about the Cubs admit to tampering but only if the player to be given in compensation is Edwin Jackson??? If they insist on two players they can hurry up and sign Jay Cutler and get him out of town too…of course he would probably get intercepted on the way to Florida…

      • jhosk

        That`s a poignant observation you make, joey. Being courteous is not challenging at all. It`s actually easy. To anyone who disagrees, we do not want to hear your arguments, because they can`t be anything but weak and lame.

  7. Jasper Jiggs

    According to Maddons agent and Epstein, the process was within MLB policy.
    So, why would there be anything to worry about?
    You can save yourself stress and worry by keeping up.

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