2/28 Taking notes

Jon Lester hasn’t had a problem adjusting to the dry Arizona weather and feels the same way about throwing to different catchers. However, the Cubs pitcher did notice manager Joe Maddon talking to himself. Maddon apparently uses a digital recorder on the field to take verbal notes during practice.

“We were running a bunt play and obviously, he either had an idea or saw something he didn’t like or liked, and wanted to take a note down,” Lester said, noting it’s tough for the manager to keep pen and paper in his pocket.

“It’s easier than writing it down,” said Maddon, who started using the recorder in instructional league. “It’s nice at the end of the day, you go back and play it back and things that you would’ve forgotten, you don’t forget now.”

More important is the tone Maddon has set in Cubs camp.

“I just like how positive he is,” Lester said. “Whether you screw up a play, he’ll find the positive light in it. He lets us be players, he lets us be who we are. That’s his reputation, that’s what I’ve heard from other guys. I think that brings out the best.

“This game is so hard on younger guys,” Lester said. “It’s so result driven and everybody wants to make the team the first day and I think Joe takes pressure off those guys by saying the things he says. He’s genuinely sincere about what he says. There’s no [nonsense]. You can tell he means everything he says — whether it’s, ‘You [stink] today’ or ‘You’re good today.'”

— Carrie Muskat


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Aloha Folks, I have to say I appreciate a veteran like Lester saying this as it helps to alleviate tension-nerves and sets an example for the younger folks. And what can we say about Maddon that has not already been said, what a blessing to have him as the manager. Mahalo!

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