Final: Padres 6, #Cubs 1

Jason Hammel struck out nine over five scoreless innings and Arismendy Alcantara hit a solo home run, but that was all the Cubs could muster against the Padres in a 6-1 loss Sunday. Tommy Medica hit a two-run homer and Brett Wallace added a two-run single for San Diego in front of a sellout crowd of 15,206 at Sloan Park in Mesa. Hammel gave up three hits and did not walk a batter. The right-hander complimented catcher Miguel Montero, saying he didn’t shake him off once. Hammel has gotten on track since a side session when he threw 42 fastballs, and only fastballs.

During the regular season, Hammel’s strikeout high was eight, which he did in back to back starts May 31 and June 6.

“It’s Spring Training,” Hammel said of all his K’s. “Don’t start calling me a punch-out guy yet. I still want to use the sinker.”

— Carrie Muskat


Tommy Medica is amazing! Have been watching him a lot. My husband works with his aunt so we get a daily report. 😀 average 556 as of today. Hope he has a stupendous season, but not against our Cubbies!

Aloha White- nice to see you! Yes, Medica is having a nice ST and he is part of an organization that did quite a “rebuild” over the past off-season. Right now the Friars have the Cubs number but I think this will turn around come the regular season as the young folks on the team will “bond,” receive advice from the veterans and be more patient at the plate, meaning they do not have to swing for the fences with every at bat. I so badly want to see this team be able to manufacture runs, small ball is it is called because it drives the opposing team crazy. They will get there. You take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha Again White- forgot to say that Hammel pitched one heck of a game, SD was doing nothing until he left the game. So, hopefully the bullpen can work its kinks out because we need them too. Take care and have a blessed week. Mahalo!

Hey White, who cares who your husband works with?

I care, Jasper, and would not be a bit surprised if others do as well. Just recently you accused another poster of having the proclivity to ‘stir the pot.” {See 3/18 Bryant: I like having a bulldog work for me.}.Isn`t that precisely what you just did? The 3/20 Commenting guidelines suggested we “avoid verbal confrontations.” Which part of that do you not comprehend? It is not complicated.

I comprehend just fine jhosk, I know what I did. Glad your keeping track, sharing and caring is your strongest asset.

It must be quite a few years since I commented. However I have been reading these comments for a long time. I remember White and several “others” (many have come and gone) always chiming in with personal stories and niceties. Others (i.e. Jasper Jiggs for one) always adding snide remarks. I must say I enjoy the personal side of these comments such as from White and commend the courtesy from jhosk. I just thought those two would be glad to know this. I realize THIS comment is nothing BUT personal and more than likely has raised the ire of some. I don’t care about those commenters as this site has become rather boring when limited to facts, stats and proof. It’s the HEART that matters to most of the nice, forgiving people out here, such as White and Jhosk. What this site needs is more White, Jhosk and Kg (and cowbells of courses). What it needs less of…. is Jasper Jiggs.

fonzie5430, Thank you for your thoughtful remarks. You pretty much covered all the bases! 😀 I am sure that MANY folks will agree with everything you said. It would be really nice if you would join our conversations! 😊

You’re welcome White. You seem to be a person that doesn’t sweat the small stuff. And most certainly Jasper Jiggs is SMALL. However, I am glad he mentioned the NUMEROUS, VARIED AND INTERESTING subjects of your LIFE.
Entertaining the Kennedys? Maine Lobster? You have GREAT grandchildren? My, the stories you must harbor….please…DO TELL as there may not be a more SOCIAL site than one that brings Cubs’ fans TOGETHER. To Jasper’s satisfaction I more than likely won’t be joining in, as comments from myself and the ilk have proven over the years to fuel his ire and I see no need for THAT. If in 2015 the Cubs can only equal your enthusiasm and good nature in the WIN column we will surely see them in the playoffs. NICE is a four letter word that should be embraced by all on this blog. So long, White.

What it needs conversations pertaining to the Cubs. You want to talk about your spouses work partners, entertaining the Kennedy’s, Maine Lobster or your great grandchildren, go to a social chat room.
Should anyone want to discuss it further:

I want to address fonzie 5430. I endorse what White has already expressed. I wish you would reconsider and decide to contribute to this blog. We are in need of new perspectives, if you like. You have demonstrated you are thoughtful and courteous, and Lord knows we have more than our share of the other variety. Don`t be a stranger.

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