#Cubs notes: Montero, Wainwright, the road and more

* The Cardinals placed ace Adam Wainwright on the 15-day disabled list on Sunday because of a left Achilles and ankle injury, and will likely be sidelined for the rest of the season. Cubs reliever Jason Motte, who was Wainwright’s teammate in St. Louis, sent a text message as soon as he heard the news.

“That’s a tough break for St. Louis and I don’t wish poorly on anybody — I always want to beat everybody at their best,”
Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Sunday. “I’m certain they will figure it out. They have great resources and some nice spare parts that I’m not aware of. Sometimes that’s a rallying cry for a group. You have to be careful with that.

“It definitely hurts them but it has nothing to do with us,” Maddon said. “It’s just about us playing our game, winning our
game, and respecting 90 feet on a daily basis and coming out ready to play and good things will happen.”

Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta didn’t want to see another pitcher injured.

“That’s an unfortunate event to take place for those guys, especially the way it happened,” Arrieta said. “An arm injury or
something like that when he’s on the mound is one thing. The Achilles is such a freak kind of accident. [Cubs infielder
Logan] Watkins had the same thing happen to him, and it’s devastating. But they’re deep. I know they’ve got some guys in
Triple-A who can come in and fill that void. Not many guys can do what Wainwright does every five days but I think they’ll
be all right.”

He watched the Wainwright video over and over to try and see what happened.

“Everyone makes that same movement and it’s one of those things that can happen at any moment, which is scary,” he said. “It makes me cringe to think about that.”

Arrieta isn’t a great hitter but he’s not sure the National League should adopt a designated hitter just so pitchers avoid
such injuries.

“I think a lot of teams want to see the DH implemented around the league,” Arrieta said. “I wouldn’t care one way or the
other. If they do add that, it’ll strengthen each and every National League lineup a little bit.”

* The Cubs finished the road trip 4-2, and three of the wins were come from behind victories.

“In the division, on the road, two tough venues, two tough teams, and to come back with a 4-2 record, is not a bad thing,”
Maddon said.

“It’s a testament to the guys we have here,” Arrieta said. “The young players are a little more advanced than most and
that helps bridge the gap in experience. They’ll take their lumps, just like we all will, but they’re ahead of the curve.
Soler, Bryant, Russell, these guys are polished to the extent that they can come here and contribute right away. That’s
what each one of them has been able to do in their short time here. We all know it will continue.”

* Maddon was excited to see Starlin Castro’s great defensive play in the sixth but liked even more how the shortstop ran
out a ground out at the start of the ninth.

“If there’s a good baseball karma, he’s created that for himself by the way he’s gone about his business,” Maddon said.

Castro has hit safely in 14 of 17 games to start the season.

* Arrieta has posted four straight quality starts this year. On Sunday, he gave up two runs over six innings.

* Miguel Montero hit his 100th career home run on Sunday. He wasn’t aware it was a milestone homer until clubhouse manager Tom Hellmann told the catcher that they got the ball as a souvenir.

“It’s a nice number,” Montero said, joking that he had about 600 more to go.

— Carrie Muskat


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I don’t know if anybody has noticed but Soler is in a slump and is striking out a lot.

yes everyone had noticed…. its fine…. let him work out of it. Don’t push the panic button yet

Young hitters go through slumps all the time. We can’t expect him, or anyone really, to hit .330 all season long. Pitchers are starting to adjust to him, so now he needs to adjust to pitchers. I wouldn’t worry about it, especially considering that he has a bunch of solid hitters around him in the lineup. Nothing will help you break out of a slump faster than if you have a speedy Dexter Fowler on base when you’re up, and Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant waiting to hit next!

Thank you for your replies. And you didn’t call me an idiot which happens way to many times on other forums or comments to articles elsewhere. I have been following baseball since i was 10 and being 70 now, I completely agree and understand what you are saying. Now we have Alcantara tearing up Triple AAA with two homers and a triple the other night. When do we revisit his contributions?

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