#Cubs cleared of tampering charges

Major League Baseball announced Wednesday it has concluded its tampering investigation regarding Joe Maddon’s departure from the Rays and his subsequent hiring as manager of the Cubs. MLB said its investigation produced no finding of a violation of Major League Rule 3(k) on tampering.

— Carrie Muskat


  1. DelawareCub.

    There never really was a case, it was just the Rays crying sour grapes. Their management, just wanted MLB to give them something for free.

  2. jhosk

    Some wars were fought in less time than this investigation took. MLB should have relied on Mr. Epstein`s veracity from the very beginning. He told everyone there was no chicanery or malfeasance involved in this matter. It amounted to a fool`s errand to undertake such an inquiry. We`ll never learn of the resources ($money) wasted on this unfortunate exercise.

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