#Cubs Baez to play for Iowa

Javier Baez will make his 2015 debut Thursday, playing for Triple-A Iowa. The Iowa Cubs are scheduled to play host to Oklahoam City on Thursday in Des Moines. Baez has not played this season, and was on the bereavement list following the death of his sister, Noely. She was 21.

Iowa manager Marty Pevey said Baez will play second base and bat third.

“We’re here as a team to help Javy out as much as we possibly can,” Pevey told the Des Moines Register.


  1. White

    I am glad to see that Baez is going to start playing. He will need all the support he can get from management and his teammates and I am SURE they will not let him down! I hope he can find comfort and peace as he accepts the loss of his sister. Hit some home runs for her Javy!

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  3. KenlyCub

    The article talks about the team pulling together for Javy and the loss of a loved one. No need to talk stats,show support for him as a human not an object. When he does not exceed your expectations as a player then comment on him but the article is definately about the human side of baseball,players and people pulling together no matter what. Go Cubs!

    • jhosk

      I hear you, KenlyCub. You are proving that you can show compassion. Others may be learning that, but it is something I`ve known about you for a long while. {Aside: I trust you are following the NHL playoffs, especially with the Blackhawks in the mix. But even were that not the case, I have a hunch you would be demonstrating more than a passing interest.}

    • Jasper Jiggs

      In a way that’s what we all have to do, professional baseball player or just us chat room people. If I lose someone, what does that mean to this room? Nothing. So I don’t put it up, its not baseball.
      Baez, loses his sister, that’s news because he will be gone awhile. Ok, he’s back, time to play baseball.
      Now we have to justify our feelings in a baseball chat room? I don’t care if any of you like me or not, I just want to talk about the Cubs and the game of baseball.

    • Jasper Jiggs

      White what the heck is your problem? Never mind, I don’t care, I dislike you and that wont change. You want to be all sensitive, volunteer at a nursing home or something.

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