#Cubs acquire RHP Patton

The Cubs continued to add arms, acquiring pitcher Spencer Patton from the Rangers for 19-year-old Minor League infielder Frandy DelaRosa.

Patton is the third reliever the Cubs have added this week. They also claimed lefty Jack Leathersich off waivers from the Mets and signed right-handed pitcher Andury Acevedo to a contract. Acevedo, 25, had spent the last four seasons pitching in the Yankees organization.

With the moves, the Cubs’ 40-man roster is now at 33.

An Illinois native, Patton, 27, was a 24th round pick of the Royals in 2011, and has appeared in 36 games with the Rangers (nine in 2014; 27 in 2015), all in relief. He appeared in 26 games for Triple-A Round Rock, and picked up 11 saves, fanning 36 over 27 innings. Texas acquired him in July 2014 from Kansas City for Jason Frasor.

Delarosa, 19, batted .273 (70-for-256) with 20 doubles, two triples, no home runs and 30 RBI in 62 games for short-season Class A Eugene last season.


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If we translate this accurately, I think you are suggesting Patton, Acevedo, Leathersich, and Brothers all have a shot at improving the Cubs` pitching staff in 2016. Or am I guilty of `over-optimism?` Perhaps we should be pleased if two of the four succeed. Or is `one` more realistic? Eh?

Aloha jhosk- as you say, addition by subtraction. Not every one of these folks will make the team come the end of ST 2016 but hopefully one does in a strong way, if not two. The A’s are making noise out my way. My hope in the FO putting together a trade for Gray may have faded with their infield re-acquisition of Jed Lowrie. But who knows, maybe it takes Castro or Baez along with McKinney and Wood or Hammel with the organization eating most of those salaries but it is still cheaper than FA and no lost of draft pick. At least they get McKinney back with the potential that Baez could be a power hitter for them and play both infield and outfield. If they took Castro he would be an upgrade for them too. If they accepted Baez & McKinney they would have control over them for so many years which they like sense they do not pay the big salaries if you know what I mean. Hope you and your family had a blessed Thanksgiving! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. It`s going to be confusing for A`s fans and others with both Brett Lawrie and Jed Lowrie on the same roster, and even moreso when each is playing infield at the same time. I was hoping to see McKinney in a Cubs` uniform before deciding if we want to deal him. {A few days ago the MLB Network showed video of Kenta Maeda pitching in Japan, and the two commentators discussed his chances of being successful in the majors.}

Aloha jhosk- I too would like to see McKinney in a Cubs uni, as much as sometimes it is hard to let someone go, after paying attention more and watching Gray pitch in person this year, I tell you what if he stays healthy he will will have a nice career. I only mentioned McKinney because the A’s folks I talk to you of course miss Addison but also speak highly of McKinney. The A’s would need some “quality” not just “quantity” to let Gray go. I think most probably the FO would not trade Schwarber/Soler/Wilson C/Torres and of course Bryant and Russell are not even part of the picture. So, I was trying to think out of the box and Castro or Baez seemed feasible, Baez more because he can play both the infield and outfield but Castro’s bat could be back and if the Cubs ate most of his contract the A’s might accept him but would want McKinney back and then if they are sitting on the fence offer them Hammel or Wood, again have to eat most of their salary but again, over all to get a quality arm like Gray this is much cheaper than going after a FA pitcher or a FA pitcher like Zimmermann or Shark where it not only cost you $100mil but the draft pick. I think if they can pull off a trade for a Gray now you have Arrieta-Lester-Gray you could try out Cahill or Grimm along with Hendricks and if Hammel is still there for the back end. Then as Jasper mentioned what if the FO is able to resign Fowler to a 2-3 deal, now CF is stable for a couple of years while Almora is maturing. With all the funds saved you could possibly get a good setup person for the bp. Also, as much as I have also thought about Tyson Ross who is from the SF Bay Area as an addition, he like Lester has a very hard time holding runners on base. This past year Lester had 44 stolen bases on him and only 11 caught stealing for a CS% of 20%. Ross had a 37 stolen on him with 13 caught for a CS% of 26%. Now Gray’s CS% is between Lester and Ross but the huge difference is that only 7 batters out of 200+ innings stole on him with 2 being caught. So, I think it would not be prudent for the Cubs to pick up Ross if they can swing a trade for someone like Gray. The Cubs infield is still young and learning and to have two pitchers giving up stolen bases at a rate that Lester & a Ross would provide would be tough. So I am going to back away from Ross for now and hope Gray comes on board and Lester works hard this off-season with his move to 1st; the good news for him is that he can get better at this and will. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes k.g. I`m disappointed Zimmermann is off the market. I wanted him for the Cubs. I disagree that Soler can`t be traded. He`s not an `untouchable.` All the speculation about which players could become Cubs is `an exercise in futility` in my view. Recall all the words the contributors here devoted to Russell Martin last `hot stove season,` and the entire effort did not amount to `a hill of beans,` as the catcher opted to sign with an AL club, Toronto. I would like to see the Cubs acquire pitching via trades, rather than free agency, and I`ve concluded you agree. {Assuming Zimmermann passes his physical, the Tigers will be overpaying to secure the fourth best pitcher on the current market, $110 million.} I would love to see the Cubs acquire Gray, but need to see more evidence that`s likely. I`m not as opposed to Shields as I was last winter. He`s an `innings eater,` and is durable.

Aloha jhosk- I respect your opinion about Soler. I have to admit, I am a little biased and do like him. I would love to see what he can do, injury free for a season, work hard on his defense and continue to mature at the plate; I think he is quite the athlete but is at a critical moment like Mantle was after his leg/knee injury early in his career. I felt Soler was coming into his own during the playoffs in regard to his approach at the plate: more patient, taking pitches and so forth. Having said that, if a Soler in a trade-mix helps to get a Sonny Gray, well I would totally understand.

Looks like you read my other comment on one of Carrie’s other stories. After writing to “a.j.” about the Zimmerman signing, I said to him I would love for the FO to pull off a trade for a quality starting pitcher now since Zimmerman is off the market. I am not crazy about what is left out there FA wise because it either costs too much and/or will cost the organization a draft pick. Well, wouldn’t you know, my father called after I wrote that and we were chatting and he said that he could understand my excitement and “dreaming” about a Gray coming the Cubs but that he could not see the A’s trading him with so many years of control left, unless the Cubs coughed up a lot. So, back to the beginning where I mentioned, I could understand if Soler would be included in a trade for Gray. So, my father said I think Shields could be a very good option for the Cubs because he is a workhorse, pitches innings and can go late into games. Has played for Maddon before. And a stat/metric I have been bringing up lately is about a pitcher’s ability to check and keep runners in place. You and I and others have talked a lot about this, especially because of Lester. This being one of his weak points. A lot of bases were stolen on Lester last year and only so many were caught. I had thought about Ross from the Padres as a possibly trade but now am backing off of that because he also is weak when it comes to runners on the bases. I think this would stress out the infield, especially if you had Ross pitching after Lester. Gray is very good at keeping runners at bay. So, I looked up Shields and was pleasantly surprised at how good he has been over his career, as well as last year. My father said some pitchers are “gamers” and others are “workhorses.” You need both: the gamer is the pitcher that rises to the occasion (in the playoffs) the workhorse gives you 200+ innings and is consistent throughout the year and gets you to the playoffs. It made sense what he was saying, that sure Shields and Kershaw have had difficulty in the playoffs but they help to get their respective teams to the postseason.

So, I have re-thought some things and feel if the FO can trade for Gray or Shields and they become the #3 starter, it has not cost the organization as much as if they went the FA way. Also, Padres want to trim down their payroll so a Castro for Shields trade might work because Castro gives them infield options, a better bat and costs less than half of what Shields makes per year. Then for the 4/5 spot hopefully Hendricks can secure one of those and then you let Grimm/Cahill (if they bring him back)/Hammel or Wood fight for the 5th spot. I have not even brought up Maeda but he could be an option too depending on his price. Then it is down to the CF if Fowler does not come back and the bullpen. I know many have thought the Cubs need to get two starters but I am no longer thinking that because you score one very good starter in a trade you have just changed the dynamics of your rotation. I feel Arrieta will have a good year in 2016 and Lester will pitch even better with “a move to first!” Take care now. Mahalo!

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