1st #Cubs star to Sutcliffe

The first “star” in Cubs camp went to Rick Sutcliffe.

Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez awards yellow star stickers to players or coaches, and Sutcliffe, who is in camp to work with the pitchers, got one after he was struck by an errant throw by outfielder Jorge Soler. Sutcliffe documented his new stardom on Twitter.

“Yes the 1st STAR of #Cubs camp goes to The Red Baron!” Sutcliffe posted.

“For those who don’t know a STAR goes to a guy who did something extraordinary the day before! #Cubs #ESPN”

“FYI it’s also my 1st Career Star!!”

Martinez said Sutcliffe got the sticker, which he put on his cap, because he “took one for the team.” First base coach Brandon Hyde tried to pull Sutcliffe out of the way, but the ball still struck the big redhead. Hyde also got a star for his efforts.

Sutcliffe thought Chris Coghlan had made the throw.

“I said, ‘whoever did it, I’m going to kick their [butt],” Sutcliffe said Wednesday. “I felt pretty confident if it was Coghlan, but now that I know it was Soler, I don’t know.”

Soler does throw hard.

“It hurt like hell,” Sutcliffe said.

— Carrie Muskat


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I`m concluding from this that Sut is no longer an ESPN baseball analyst. In the past, Rick has been assigned to Cubs` contests, and he has performed admirably as an impartial observer, despite the fact that he once performed for the organization as a hurler. Sut is one of my all-time favorite Cubs, but knowing he`s working with our pitchers these days, and if indeed Sut is still employed by ESPN, I`m trusting that network has the good sense not to assign him to Cubs` games in 2016, as that would suggest a `conflict of interest` and an inability on the analyst`s part to be objective.

Sutcliffe has been working with the Cubs pitchers for the past few springs. This isn’t the first time he’s in camp. He was here with Piniella

Cubs just lost their 2nd Round Draft Pick resigning Fowler

Aloha jasper- yes the Cubs lost their draft pick. I just wonder, now since they have Fowler back. If they are in the hunt for the division/playoffs and an opportunity arises for a trade in July, would they consider trading Fowler? I do not know the details of his contract but if pitching is needed and he is having a good year, would a team be willing to take on his contract (if the team is in contention and needs an OF) because they might view it as “reasonable” in today’s climate? In short, I am wondering if Fowler’s deal helps the organization to foster a trade if the possibility came up in July? Take care now. Mahalo!

I meant to add something to the above: I support wholeheartedly the Ricketts family`s opposition to Donald Trump, a classic demagogue, whom one should not tolerate. Did I mention I’m an advocate for fairness? {See the above, and this observation.}

Amen to that jhosk!

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I just read the article in the Bleacher Report about Trump threatening the Ricketts family. Ugly! As a Cub’s fan and as a believer in the freedom of choice I send my support to the Ricketts family!

Maybe Carrie can start a Political thread?

Maybe you should ask her.

I thought that would be more your thing, I will pass as I am all about baseball & the Cubs here!!

How confusing. I have always thought the Bleacher Report was about baseball. Since the article about Ricketts being threatened by Trump was in their report I assumed that it must be baseball news. Perhaps you should contact the editors of the Bleacher Report to let them know of your disapproval of their subject matter.

Exactly, your confused as everyday normal.

Me confused? Not a chance! I know exactly what I am dealing with !

Aloha Carrie, jhosk, White and jasper. Forgot today was the day to purchase individual tickets! Well, I got some for series in September! Hoping it all works out and I am in the friendly confines watching the team in the heat of battle! Mahalo!

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