#Cubs sign Victorino

This offseason, Shane Victorino worked out with Dexter Fowler and Kris Bryant in Las Vegas. On Friday, the three were reunited as teammates after Victorino signed a Minor League deal with the Cubs.

“I’m just ready for an opportunity and hope to be part of something special,” Victorino said. “I’ve been blessed in my career to be part of a couple special championships in special cities. I tell myself, being a fan of the game, when there’s a 100-plus year drought in championships, you always want to be the first. That’s the goal.”

Victorino, 35, has two World Series rings, winning with the Phillies in 2008 and with the Red Sox in 2013. The Cubs, as most of their fans know, haven’t won a World Series since 1908.

With Fowler’s return and the addition of Jason Heyward, where will Victorino fit? He’s most likely considered a fifth outfielder in the mix but that’s OK for him.

“It’s not about playing time, it’s not about where things are, it’s about winning,” he said. “Obviously, for me, I have to win my job on the team and from there, be the best player I can be to help the Cubs win a championship.”

The deal is for $1 million plus $1 million in incentives if Victorino plays in the Majors, MLB Network’s Jon Heyman reported.

— Carrie Muskat


Adios, Czyczr!

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Another article on the Bleacher Report today concerning Trump’s threat to the Ricketts family. I would hope that as many Cubs fans as possible let the Ricketts know that we stand behind them and that we support their rights to freedom of choice and freedom of speech which all Americans hold dear. Who knows what the next threat will be. Mr. Ricketts, thank you for standing tall against such un-American oppression. And if anyone thinks this is not about baseball and our treasured team too bad. Any threat to any Cub or Cub manager is all about baseball.

Think I will vote for Trump White, just because you don’t like him. So if your politicking for Hillary, I wont be voting for her.

I support you in this matter, White. Keep in mind it is not just Mr. Ricketts who may be involved here. Marlene Ricketts, wife of TD Ameritrade founder J. Joe Ricketts, contributed $millions to a super PAC hellbent on preventing the political chameleon and pandering opportunist, Donald Trump, from winning the nomination. Peace!

Alan, I believe Szczur is gone at this point anyway. From what I understand elsewhere, the Cubs were in agreement with a deal for Victorino, before signing Fowler. A credit to Management, they followed through on the deal for Victorino anyway.
Goes to show that not only is this Management awesome, they also have some morals.
K.g., will be happy with this signing, hope it works out.

Aloha jasper/jhosk/White/Alan: was thinking about all that has happened right at the end of this week. You could call it digesting everything that has taken place. I am of course very happy to see this team and the chemistry these folks have. We have spoken about this a lot over the past two seasons. This is a very difficult task to do and do it well. The FO and the management/coaching staff has done a tremendous job. I know I was tough on the subject of Fowler. As I had said, nothing personal as I felt he had made up his mind and we were all looking forward to the future of this club not just 2016. I also believe in second chances or a change of mind. I will not forget as a young person on a collegiate team in the 90’s taking the Maddux “non-signing,” very hard. How could the organization to which this young person had come up through, played well for and was loyal to botch it up, meaning not bringing him back. Then 10+ years later, the organization got a second chance and it was great. I had the pleasure of seeing Greg win his 300th against the Giants in SF. Thinking about this, a friend of mine from Chicago in the Bay Area and Cubs fan said to me today, did you see how happy the team looked this past Friday? He too understands the future for the organization and could see the positives with Fowler coming back. I know Fowler is a very good presence in the clubhouse, which cannot hurt with so many young folks. He did have a breakout year in many ways during the 2015 campaign. My concern was about Soler. There are so many reasons to like a player with his skills and hoping for the best. But I am glad that the FO is astute enough to understand that Soler has not played a complete/full season yet. He has been prone to injuries. Needs work on his defense. I think he can get there plus learn new positions as well which makes him more versatile. I do hope that Heyward gets some time in CF this year as he maybe needed there more in the future. Now what is hard but exciting is how do you trim the roster to get to 25 (Rizzo/Bryant/Russell/Schwarber/Soler/Montero/Zobrist/Ross/La Stella/Baez/Heyward/Fowler/Murton/Victorino)? That’s 14 players right there and we have not even brought in pitchers (Arrieta/Hammel/Hendricks/Lackey/Lester/Warren/Cahill/Richards/Wood/Ramirez/Grimm/Edwards/Rondon); I just named 13. But there are all those others too that were given invitations to ST. Forgive me for the late-night babbling. I am excited about this team as I was last year and am looking forward to seeing them in action soon! Mahalo!

Saw the `Flyin Hawaiian` play at the AAA level before he ever advanced to the majors, and have always liked his game when with the Phillies. Not sure what he has left of those skills, but am eager to find out. Agree that k.g. is going to like this, given Shane`s roots.

Aloha jasper and jhosk, when I first learned of Shane’s nick name, I thought he took it from me! When in high school and playing LF I ran down a fly ball all the way to the fence, made the catch but also crashed into the fence which split my ear. So I gained a second name as well, “crash!” I joked with my father because I am a little older than Shane. Anyhow, I hope he still has something left in the tank because he was a tremendous defender as well as table-setter, getting the offense going. Mahalo and Aloha Friday!

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