#Cubs prospect Villanueva hurt

Cubs prospect Christian Villanueva broke his right fibula during drills on Sunday, and will most likely be sidelined for a few months. He was expected to have surgery Monday.

“It was a ground ball — I guess he hopped up to jump up in the air and you come back down and that’s how it happened,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “It’s just crazy. It’s really unfortunate. This kid came in, ready to go.”

Villanueva, 24, began last season at Double-A Tennessee but when Kris Bryant was promoted to the big leagues, then Villanueva moved up to Triple-A Iowa to play third base. He batted .259 there, hitting 18 home runs and 23 doubles, and then played for Obregon in the Mexican winter league, where he hit .322 with nine home runs and nine doubles.

“It’s a tough break, literally, for him — he’s such a good kid,” Maddon said.

— Carrie Muskat


Well this kind of news makes one feel like they swallowed a rock. đŸ˜¡ So very sorry that Villanueva has to postpone his promising career.

Just out of curiosity White, tell us what you know of Villanueva’s promising career?
Also curious as to how many rocks you have swallowed to know the feeling?

Perhaps if you had read the above article that Carrie wrote about Villanueva you would know his stats without my having to repeat them. Sounds promising to me. Why don’t you swallow a few rocks and then you will know how many it takes to know the feeling. Nothing like “hands-on” experience.

Even after reading it, you have no idea. Tell what you know of Villanueva White?

Well, at least this solves the problem of keeping a roster spot open for him for the time being. They can put him on the 60-day DL and evaluate him on a rehab assignment later in the season. In the meantime, the competition for the final bench spot is open. Will it be someone on the 40-man already like Szczur or Alcantara? Or will it be one of the several veteran minor league invites such as Victorino, Murton or Kawasaki? It should be interesting to keep an eye on as we get started with Spring Training games this week.

If Victorino has a good ST, he would be my guess. The fact he is a SH, already knows Fowler and Bryant from hitting together in Vegas over the Winter.
He would have to have a good ST. Alcantara also is a SH, if he can bounce back from a bad year??
Yet, you have to at least root for Murton, at least I do.
Kawasaki is there for when the Rosters expand, at least in my opinion. He is a lot of fun to be around, he will be a good pick me up during the stretch run.

Aloha jasper & Doug- I was thinking about this as well. Too bad that Villanueva went down at this time but as you said, they can protect him with the DL. On one of Carrie’s other topics I commented how I could see 14 position players (my list included Victorino and Murton) and 13-14 pitchers; of course that is more than 25 players. Jasper I am glad that the Cubs worked something out with Victorino. He has not had the type of seasons that he would have liked the past 2-3yrs. He is also a very good defender that can play all 3 positions. On this current team he would have to rank right up there with Heyward and Zobrist with play in the outfield. Again, this all hinges that he still has the range and the back holds up. But I do also like Murton and his hustle. He can play the corners and was a good defender here in the States and in Japan. Sometimes I wish the rosters could be 28 but I understand the history and strategy of putting together 25 folks that you hope can play 162+ games in a season. You take care now. Mahalo!

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