Victorino to switch-hit again. #Cubs

Shane Victorino never wanted to give up switch hitting, but had to in 2014 because of his back. This spring, he’s healthy and able to hit from both sides, which will definitely help the Cubs.

“To hear players talk about stopping being a switch hitter, every single one I talk to, I say, ‘If it wasn’t for physical reasons, there’s no other reason I would’ve given it up,'” Victorino said Sunday. “Some guys don’t want to do it — ‘Oh, I’m not good from one side,’ or ‘I’m better from one side.’

“In today’s game, the numbers game that everybody plays and the matchups, it’s not a benefit to get rid of switch hitting,” he said. “If you’re a switch hitter, I don’t care if you hit a [.150] on one side and you hit .400 on the other, do not give it up. The way today’s game is, it’s about matchups, it’s about this, it’s about that.”

A natural right-hander, Victorino is a career .299 hitter against left-handed pitching and a .265 batter versus righties. He didn’t start switch hitting until he was 20, then stopped, and resumed it two years later at the encouragement of his Double-A hitting coach, Gene Richards, who told Victorino he needed something to distinquish himself from other outfielders.

— Carrie Muskat


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Aloha Victorino-san! “Hana-hou!” We wish you the best in making the team and adding a veteran presence for the younger guys! The grass at Wrigley will be kind on your legs! I am sure you will receive the “care-packages” full of Aloha when in the Windy-City! Take care now and Mahalo Nui!

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