#Cubs and Lackey vs Sox and Sale

John Lackey will start Thursday night in the intracity series finale against the White Sox at Wrigley Field. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m. CT. Here’s the lineup vs lefty Chris Sale:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist RF

Contreras C

Russell SS

Baez 2B

Szczur LF

Lackey P

*Kris Bryant struck out in all six plate appearances vs. Sale in 2015 but homered off the lefty in the first inning of the All-Star Game two weeks ago in San Diego.

*The Cubs have won five of seven games at Wrigley Field since the break.

*Lackey lost his last start vs. the Brewers, giving up three runs over six innings. He’s 0-5, 6.12 ERA (29 ER over 42 2/3 innings) in his last seven starts.

*Dexter Fowler recorded three hits in his return from the DL last Friday, but since then he’s just 1-for-17 AB (.059 AVG).




  1. k.g.

    Aloha Folks! Been wanting a game like for a long long time! Team is down by a run, then ties it and goes ahead! I think it stayed 2-1 through the 8th inning. I know we do not speak enough about a veteran Zobrist: he deserves huge props today and is a great example for the younger players how to run the bases! His head always in the game, he knew that he was going to score and picked the opportunity to do so on Addison’s infield grounder. That was great! Also give Lackey kudos tonight, he knew he had to come up big and he did, a quality start no less against one of the best pitchers in baseball today. I hope they get their rest tonight as the have a day game tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Mariners called up Vogelbach? Take care now. Mahalo!

    • jhosk

      Good points, k.g. I did everything but outright predict that Sale would lead his team to victory in this game. I am pleased to admit I was wrong. When I`m wrong, I am eager to admit it. Fans will recall Rondon came into a game recently with a three run lead, and I was critical of the way he decided to approach batters with that cushion. He was ever so careful and tried to paint corners, instead of attacking the batters and inducing contact. Another poster assumed a contrarian view, and in effect, said I was mistaken and asserted that inducing contact is not what Rondon does. In fact, he praised Rondon to such a degree as a closer, I was perplexed why the FO would ever want to upgrade that aspect of our bullpen. Recall tonight`s game in the top eighth when the Pale Hose had a runner on third with two outs and Rondon on the mound. Maddon made the decision to bring in Chapman for what would amount to be a four out save. Aroldis proceeded to punch-out Melky for that third out, and went on to retire the side in the ninth. In Maddon`s post-game presser, he was, of course, asked about his thinking in the eighth and why he chose to call on Chapman. Maddon said he did not want contact in that situation, which he assumed Rondon would have induced. He wanted a strike out, and thus the reason to choose Aroldis. {Do not take my word for this. Seek the replay of Maddon`s presser.} Bottom line, I suggest that poster who asserted Rondon does not induce contact was wrong, but I highly doubt we will see him admit to that truth. Let`s hope Lester performs the way we expect on Friday, and in a manner his salary suggests he should. And yes, it would be cool to see Vogelbach with the major league club, k.g. Mahalo!

  2. Jason

    Howdy! That’s the Kentucky version of Aloha. Ditto on Mahalo’s post. Looks like pitching strategy works, namely, starter goes six, followed by Strop, Rondon then Chapman. Don’t get me wrong, I love blowouts, and hope we see more of them. But for now, shortening the game should preserve the starters for the home stretch. Good night!

  3. Mat B

    For informational purposes only, Matt Szczur is hitting .261 against left handers, and .313 against right handers..

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