#Cubs Minor League Report

Thursday’s games

Trevor Cahill gave up two earned runs over 3 2/3 innings in Iowa’s 7-1 loss to New Orleans. Cahill is on a rehab outing, and this was his third appearance. He struck out five and walked four. Mark Zagunis had two hits, including a solo home run, and Albert Almora Jr. had three hits, including two doubles.

Tennessee lost, 4-3, to Chattanooga. Michael Wagner gave up three runs over six innings. David Frietas and Gioskar Amaya each had a double and one RBI.

Trevor Clifton gave up three runs over six innings in Myrtle Beach’s 8-2 loss to Salem. Daniel Spingola had three hits, including a pair of doubles.

Ryan Kellogg scattered four hits over six scoreless innings in South Bend’s 3-0 win over Lake County. Kellogg struck out six. Carlos Sepulveda had two hits and Eddy Martinez had two hits and one RBI.

Wladimir Galindo hit a solo home run in Eugene’s 5-4 loss to Salem-Keizer. Jesus Castillo gave up four runs over 3 1/3 innings.

Mesa lost, 2-1, to the D-backs. Bailey Clark gave up one hit over three innings. Gustavo Polanco had two hits, including a double. A fifth-round pick out of Duke, Clark has not given up a run in two appearances.


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  2. jhosk

    Do you expect the Mariners to run on Lester at every opportunity, and to bunt early and often making certain Lester is forced to field those bunts? I do not, as precious few clubs have done so in the past. It`s a mystery as to why that is, because it would be a winning formula until the Cubs can prove they can stop it.

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