#Cubs and Arrieta face Mariners

Jake Arrieta gets the start Saturday against the Mariners in an Interleague game at Wrigley Field. This is the Mariners’ second trip ever to Wrigley. First pitch is scheduled for 1:20 p.m. CT. Anthony Rizzo is not starting against Seattle lefty Wade Miley. It’s just a day off, manager Joe Maddon said.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Zobrist LF

Baez 2B

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Contreras 1B

Montero C

Arrieta P



  1. Bruce from Brazil

    I just wanted to make a brief comment about Friday’s game. Rizzo’s base-clearing double to left was a thing of beauty. If only he could do that more often — go the other way and beat the shift — he could bat .375 and drive in 150 runs. Go, Cubs, go!

  2. jhosk

    You make a good point, Bruce. Anthony has been doing that more often of late. He`s not averse to choking up and dumping balls into the outfield for singles in certain situations. He`s not looking to drive balls over the wall with every plate appearance the way Javier Baez appears hellbent on doing with each ab. Also, I`d like to see Heyward bunt when defenses overshift on him, as you may have noticed. Dropping down bunts for hits could achieve more than one positive result in Jason`s case. His anemic batting average would improve; it would assist him in exiting the funk he`s in, and it very well may stop those defenses from overshifting in the first place when Heyward comes to the dish.

  3. Jason

    The game is not over yet, but if this score holds out, this loss is yet another poorly managed game by Maddon. There was no reason to run Arietta out in the 8th. He did his job, and the one-two punch (Rondon-Chapman) was ready to go. And not only did Maddon let Arietta start the 8th, but it was carelessness to allow him to face a second batter with one on. Arietta should have had a short leash. Good managing is based on common sense, not hunches.

  4. Jason

    Way to go! Thanks for ruining my Saturday. Nothing like stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. At least Maddon will know what not to do in the future…I hope.

  5. Bruce from Brazil

    Oh, no! Our new “secret weapon” blew up. Lots of other stuff went wrong, too, of course. However, if you’ve been following the Cubs as long as I have — 60+ years — none of this is surprising. I still think we’ll make the playoffs, but then what?

    • k.g.

      Aloha Bruce/Jason/Mat B/jhosk, I did not catch the game but when I read the box score I wondered if Maddon left Arrieta in too long. Maddon has had a couple of these recently. I bet in his post game talk he will take responsibility for the decision. Mat, I think you make a good call. I really like Montero but his health/physical limitations can be a negative. I suspect one reason Contreras is up and probably here to stay. Let us hope the team can pick up tomorrow’s game and win this series. Mahalo!

  6. jhosk

    Did not see today`s game either, k.g., but I have seen conversations which took place during and after the game and many agree with Jason that Jake should never have started the eighth. The Cubs` offense did not record its first knock until the seventh. Jake performed very well until the eighth, but it amounts to another wasted effort on his part. This is becoming a habit. Chapman made the comment that he does not like coming into a game in the eighth for a four-out save, but he`ll be ready when called upon. I give him a pass, given all the controversy surrounding him this week. He`s not a robot. I`m concerned about Sunday`s game. I recall Matusz with the Orioles and was never impressed. King Felix is one of the premier starters in all of MLB. He may not be back to his normal dominating form, given he was recently on the DL, but I imagine he`ll be mighty good. This is the ESPN Sunday Night Game of the Week. It`s like the Cubs are conceding this game, and that does not compute, if you follow my drift. I realize the Cubs want to give Hendricks an extra day`s rest, but why Sunday, when one would think the organization would want its major league team to perform at its best for the nation, given it will be the only game in progress at that time? {Aside: did you know the Pirates traded their closer, Mark Melancon, to the Nats? Pittsburgh did not receive all that much in return. This makes no sense either, given the Pirates are very much in the WC race.}

    • k.g.

      Aloha jhosk & folks, well I am sure you have heard that the Indians picked up Miller from the Yankees. I think the Indians got more bang for the buck when you look at what they got a controllable asset for 2+ years. They gave up a top prospect in outfielder Frazier which I would say Torres is on his level, value wise. Next is lefty Sheffield whose value is a little higher than say McKinney’s at this time. But still, the Indians got more. In the end have to give the Yankees and Cashman kudos, they were able to convince teams to give up a lot for two relief pitchers one being a rental. I have read that they may not be done yet in terms of trading away folks and if they can get their payroll down a little bit more, will go after Chapman hard in the off-season. The Indians almost pulled off a Lucroy trade but at the moment he has vetoed it. Well, let us hope that Matusz has a strong outing today, have to wonder if it is a one time deal or if he will be with the team for awhile? Go Cubs. Mahalo!

      • jhosk

        Thanks for that , k.g. This proves the Yankee FO was dishonest last week when it declared the organization would keep Miller. Am somewhat familiar with Frazier, as he was once a teammate in the Indians` farm system with Mike Papi, a former U. of Virginia player whom I follow closely. Perhaps Matusz will surprise Cubs` fans today the way Miley astonished Mariners` fans yesterday with the way he overachieved. Many M`s observers said it was Miley`s best outing of the entire season.

  7. k.g.

    Aloha jhosk- I wish I was able to watch the game, sounds like Mat B, Bruce and Jason did. I am sure Doug did too. I have to say, I would like to hear his thoughts about the game if he saw it. Did he think that Maddon left him in too long, should Arrieta have been pulled, leaving on a high note when the 7th finished? I am being genuine in this question as Bruce Bochy has on many an occasion said he made bad calls/decisions when pulling a pitcher too soon or leaving one in too long. Also, I believe Mat B brought up a good point that it was interesting that Szczur was not in the lineup against a lefty. I noticed that the team only had 3hits and were 0-6 RISP. And yes, I did see that Melancon was traded. I think the Nationals got him for a very good “price.” I guess righty’s are cheaper to come by in this current market then lefty’s. Tomorrow should be interesting with Brian Matusz starting and they sent Grimm down who has been strong as of late. I read that barring an injury, Grimm cannot come back up for at least 10 days. Take care now. Mahalo!

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