#Cubs lineup for Game 2 World Series

Kyle Schwarber was back in the Cubs lineup on Wednesday for Game 2 of the World Series, batting fifth, but manager Joe Maddon decided to start catcher Willson Contreras and Jorge Soler in right.

Miguel Montero has been paired up with starter Jake Arrieta in the postseason but Maddon hinted he may switch to Contreras, who has had better success throwing out base runners. Soler is 0-for-8 so far in the postseason, but batted .474 in the playoffs last year.

The Cubs are looking for offense after being shutout in Game 1, 6-0. So far, the Cubs have scored five or more runs in seven of their 11 postseason games, but have scored just one run combined in the other four games.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Schwarber DH

Baez 2B

Contreras C

Soler RF

Russell SS

Schwarber went 1-for-3 with a walk in Game 1 on Monday, collecting his first hit in the Majors this year. He’s the first National League player (including pitchers) with a World Series hit and no regular season hits since Jesse Orosco in 1986.


  1. k.g.

    Aloha Folks, good looking lineup; pulling for Soler to have a successful outing. And Jake we need a strong performance tonight. Go Cubs! Mahalo!

    • jhosk

      You have a good memory, ron mainor. Soler absolutely does dislike the cold temps, and underperforms in those elements. You must be recalling that second game of the 2015 NLCS at Citi Field in Queens when manager Joe Maddon decided not to write Jorge into the lineup of that contest, based on how badly he sucked the night before, due mainly to the inclement conditions. Tonight`s conditions in Cleveland are nowhere comparable to those in Queens last season. Thus, it`s understandable why Soler is playing. Do I expect Jorge to excel? No. My preference is to play Almora Jr. But what I think is not worth a tinker`s damn.

      • jasper Jiggs

        Well jhosk, Maddon been doing a pretty good job so far. lol
        I was shocked to see Soler in the lineup also.
        Well bottom of the 7th as I write this, hope we have a bullpen tonight.

    • k.g.

      Aloha Ron, well the team has left 13 RISP had the bases loaded twice. So Maddon gave folks a chance including Soler; I think if the bp can hold the lead and go home with a win, there is a chance we see Almora playing RF on Friday. By the way, kudos to Arrieta tonight for his great outing and Montgomery for his perseverance in the 7th! Mahalo!

  2. k.g.

    Aloha Folks! Big win! Made their bullpen work some more. I was glad too see them come back from the night before. Have to work a little on that RISP, you never know how many runs you may need. 1st WS win in 71yrs! Looking forward to Friday! Mahalo!

  3. jhosk

    Yes, jasper and k.g. I like our chances in Game 3. The pitching match-up is very favorable, if you`re a Cubs` fan. Love watching Hendricks attack batters, and I know you both do as well. He induces lots of weak contact. Montgomery was excellent again tonight. When he first came to the Cubs, many of y`all were skeptical. Didn`t he surrender a homer to the first batter he faced? He needed time to acclimate and find his comfort zone. It was revealed on tonight`s broadcast that Montgomery was apprehensive about going to the Cubs when he first received news of being traded from the Mariners. He was in the midst of getting comfortable in Seattle. One of his teammates suggested it was a positive, as he would have the high probability of seeing the postseason with the Cubs. Montgomery appears comfortable these days with the Cubs. He has excellent stuff and is the best left-handed reliever we have, not named Chapman. Look for him to be a starter in 2017, but first let`s enjoy what he can contribute as a reliever to our quest for a 2016 W.S. championship.

    • jasper Jiggs

      Agree jhosk. Montgomery has been huge. I also think he will be a starter next year.
      How about Schwarber, 2 singles and a RBI with each.

    • k.g.

      Aloha jhosk and jasper, I agree with Mike having a chance to become a starter. I admit, that when the whole trading deadline was coming around by giving up Vogelbach(sp?) and Blackburn so soon, I was concerned that a closer might be harder to obtain, still hoping for Miller. I saw Montgomery a little when he pitched against the A’s. I was not happy when Straily(sp?) was let go but we know the Reds were. So getting Montgomery in a way is like covering for Dan’s lost. Anyhow, we see Montgomery’s importance and you have to like that nasty curve of his! I hope Hendricks can go long on Friday, say 7innings and the bats start early! Mahalo! PS: Schwarber is such a blessing! Maddon said on the radio program after the game when asked that he was not aware of Kyle’s possibility until late in the series against the Dodgers! Joe was also asked about his possible start in LF at Wrigley, he said that was up to the doctor. Still very exciting as he has already had an instant impact!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Mat, it is amazing how well this team has done without the regular offensive production from that position. We’ll see on Friday who starts in RF. Mahalo!

      • Doug in Exile

        If Schwarber is cleared to play the field, I’m guessing either he starts in RF, or he starts in LF and they kick Zobrist over to RF. If not, then Heyward did make good contact last night, so maybe he gets another shot at it? Or they do like they did last night and start Soler in RF and have him give way to Heyward if/when they have the lead after the 5th inning.

  4. jasper Jiggs

    Next week this time, we will be discussing what moves might be made.
    Do the Cubs sign Chapman, resign Wood?
    With Heyward stuck in RF, Schwarber in LF, who stays? Soler, Almora, Szczur, Coghlan?
    Does Fowler get a qualifying offer or resigned?
    If not, who is the leadoff hitter?
    With Baez taking over 2B, does that make it official that Zobrist gives everyone a day off per week, playing all INF & OF Positions?
    Will Schwarber be able to Catch after his Knee injury. If so, will Montero be kept as a 3rd catcher?
    If Montero is not kept, will the Cubs bring up the SHing Victor Caratini as the 3rd Catcher?
    If Chapman is not kept, will Edwards become the closer?
    Will the BP be rebuilt?
    Does Management have any interest in Jansen as a FA signing?
    Strope and Rondon have not performed in high pressure situations, do they stay or go?
    What about LH’er Zastryzny, does he make the team out of ST next year?
    Should Montgomery become the second LH Pitcher in the Rotation, who becomes #5, Lackey or Hammel? Lackey has 1 year left, Hammel has an option.
    If Arietta is not signed by the end of July, does he get traded? Or traded or signed during the off season?
    CF, don’t forget Bryant can play CF. There is a young SHing, power hitting Candelario ready at AAA. It is said he is a better defensive 3rd Baseman that Bryant.
    Then ther is Beeler, Brooks, Rosscup, Villanueva that will need to be put on the 40 man Roster soon, who goes and who stays?
    The WS is not over, but so much going to start happening as soon as it is.

    • k.g.

      Aloha jasper, gosh thought we would hold off til after the WS. I will say this, I have read a lot about the Yankees going hard after Chapman. I think Jansen would be great (former catcher now!) as he has shown he can pitch more than one inning like relievers in the past (Mariano Rivera). So, I will just comment on that, waiting to hear if Schwarber is cleared to play in the field or not. If not do we see Almora to start off in RF then put Heyward in for defense if close game? Cannot wait for tomorrow to get here! Mahalo!

      • jasper Jiggs

        K,g., I think we see Zobrist in LF and a continued platoon in RF looking for whose hot.
        Rather see it that way than Scoreboard getting hurt.

      • k.g.

        Aloha jasper, I could see Zobrist also in LF because usually there is more action in that area. So agreed, in order to protect Schwarber, put him in RF along with the rest of the platoon. Tomorrow should be fun. Mahalo!

  5. Kenly Cub

    How about let’s enjoy this incredible run by the Cubs, non existing in many Cub fans memories, oh sorry, okay j.J. your time for one of your stories or memories, please not about Milwaukee though! Sounds like some one has to much time on there hands. If memory serves me right, you are kinda sounding like Cubs Talk, Go Cubs!!

    • jasper Jiggs

      reading the first line there Kenly Cub, it states what we will be talking about next week. It does not say I am not enjoying right now. You do comprehend white? I mean right?
      That was how I became A Cubs fan Kenly Cub, I would ask your story, but then again, I really don’t care. 🙂

  6. Kenly Cub

    Just in general if everything works out well a World Series for the first time in I will not say how long is what Cub Fans will be talking about, not your post, but I did enjoy it. Go Cubs!!!

    • jasper Jiggs

      Looking good, down to a 5 game series with home field advantage, exciting baseball.
      Decent game pitched by Lester with no Run Support.
      Decent game pitched by Arietta, with Contreras behind the plate, with Run Support.
      Zobrist doing very well, Schwarber already a WS hero.
      About everyone with that first hit under their belt.
      Good defense.
      Don’t understand your attitude or problem.
      You are familiar with the saying don’t start no and there wont be any?

  7. k.g.

    Aloha Folks, we got our answer: Schwarber cannot play the outfield. You know the Indians are pleased. That is Ok, plenty of weapons on this team. Now I hope Almora starts the game. You can always have Schwarber ph for him and bring in Heyward late if you need to; one of many options! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

    • jasper Jiggs

      I think that’s the safe call.
      No need for Schwarbster to be diving for bloops, crashing into the wall or possibly running into Fowler again.
      His bat off the bench is a powerful weapon and hopefully we get to see him play over 150 games next year.

  8. Judson

    We’re down to a 3 out of 5 series with home field advantage. I am LOVING this!!! Keeping enjoying it everyone. Now that we (mostly) know what we’ve been missing, I have a feeling the Cubs & post season are going to be synonymous for several years. For me the most important contact has already been inked ~ Theo for another 5. Go Cubs Go!! Have fun all!!!

  9. jhosk

    I`ve heard it said that the Indians may very possibly start Santana in left field Friday, because they need his potent bat in the lineup. This is a guy who has played the position just one game in his entire career, and that was in 2012, and it was just for part of that one game. Buster Olney commented today he recently observed Santana take fly balls in left field, and it was ugly. Said Santana looked like a statue. If Santana does indeed get the nod in left field, the Cubs` game plan should include hitting baseballs in the direction of left field, and making that man play defense. {Regarding possible Cubs` closers for 2017, I doubt Chapman will be back. I vote for Jansen. He`s more valuable than Chapman, but it will take the keys to the kingdom to sign him, I`m thinking.}

    • k.g.

      Aloha jhosk- I agree with if Santana is out in Left, the Cubs hitters need to light him up! Today Hendricks needs to have that change working and keeping it low as they say. We all know the lineup can attack early and that will be key as well so that the Indians have to keep Miller on the bench! This is awesome as this is the first WS game to be played at Wrigley in 71yrs! Mahalo!

  10. jhosk

    I read in today`s newspaper that the Cubby Bear lounge is going to have a $100 cover charge for the privilege of watching the game on their big screens, and drinking their beer.This is a disgrace. It represents a rip-off of the hoi polloi. The affluent and well-heeled won`t care, but I`m looking out for the average blue collar fan. You`ll recall the Cubby Bear is the location where new manager Joe Maddon was formally introduced to fans back in November 2014, because Wrigley Field was undergoing renovations. I had a good feeling about the lounge since then. But this depressing news that management is choosing to take advantage of fans, places a taint on that former high opinion. Whenever I get back to Wrigleyville, I plan to boycott the Cubby Bear. {The atmosphere at Wrigley Field tonight is going to be insane.}

    • jasper Jiggs

      Not just the Cubby Bear jhosk, other bars/lounges in the area are charging up to 250 according to reports I have read. There will be Millions spent at or around Wrigley this weekend.
      I was thinking about it myself as like most, I have been waiting since 1966 for this. But I keep telling myself, after its all over and I get back home, was it really worth it? I can see the excitement, but the money could go to much better causes.

  11. jhosk

    Yes, jasper. The Ricketts family made a wise investment when it bought the Cubs in 2009. According to a Forbes` report I read in March of this year, the family purchased the organization for $845 million. Forbes` placed a value of close to $2.5 billion in March, if memory serves. Now that the club has reached this rarified WS air, one has to conclude its value has only increased further.

    • k.g.

      Aloha jhosk and jasper very true. Now how about the Tribune who spent something like 20mil in 1981 and selling it for many many times over before the Ricketts came into the picture? The Tribune barely spent/put in any funds to strengthen the organization but the Ricketts on the other hand have made strong investments for today and into the future! 5hrs from game time!!!!! Mahalo!

    • jasper Jiggs

      Plus as fans, we can look forward to money being put back in. Example is Epstein resigning.
      Then we cannot forget 2019 and a new cable deal.
      Ricketts can have a Dynasty revenue wise and on the field. Just please keep doing the right thing.

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