#Cubs Game 3 lineup vs Indians

Jorge Soler started in right field and rookie Willson Contreras was behind the plate again Friday for the Cubs in Game 3 of the World Series against the Indians. First pitch was scheduled for 7:08 p.m. CT from Wrigley Field.

Kyle Schwarber, who went 3-for-7 as the designated hitter in the first two games in Cleveland, is delegated to being a pinch hitter. Schwarber has made an amazing return after tearing two ligaments in his left knee in the third game of the season, but was not given medical clearance to play in the outfield.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Contreras C

Soler RF

Baez 2B

Russell SS

Hendricks P

The Cubs will miss Schwarber but their pitchers are 4-for-21 (.190) with two home runs and six RBIs in the postseason so far, which includes Hendricks’ two-run single in Game 2 of the NLDS against the Giants.

Soler is 0-for-10 in the playoffs but right-handed hitters batted .299 against Indians starter Josh Tomlin this season while lefties hit .229. Soler may get one into the wind, too. It was blowing out at Wrigley Field.



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  2. Doug in Exile

    Wind blowing out to left. Josh Tomlin second in all of baseball with 36 homers given up this season. I think the bleachers will be seeing some action tonight and I’d be surprised if Kris Bryant’s playoff home run total was still 1 after tonight’s game!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Doug, I am hoping the Cubs hitters make Santana run all night in LF! It is time for Soler to step it up and I think if Hendricks is dialed in earth and the change-up working well, he can limit the long fly balls. Take care and go Cubs! Mahalo!

    • jasper Jiggs

      Great point Doug, cant wait for game time.
      Brats ready for the grill and hoping Hendricks is on his game. 🙂

  3. k.g.

    Aloht Folks, have to give the Indians Tomlin credit, he has kept our Cubs hitters off balance, does not throw hard and laid down a sac-bunt. They need to get his pitch count up. Hendricks has had many stressful innings but give him credit, he is battling. Hang in folks! Mahalo!

      • k.g.

        Aloha jasper, I need to go back and watch myself, the calling as the first couple of innings I listened to the radio. But I will add that Cubs hitters are not patient at the plate tonight, swinging at ball four. You might make an argument if Soler had run hard on his last at bat it could have been a game tying in the park hr. The team seems flat-footed tonight. We also see how much Schwarber brings as the rest of the team has gone silent. But that could go back to what you mentioned if Tomlison was receiving favoritism compared to Hendricks. Hang in there! Mahalo!

      • k.g.

        Aloha Folks, first I am very happy the team is in the WS. Now time to critique: bad calling or not, team is flat-footed at the plate. Give manager Francona kudos, he knows the Cubs can’t hit breaking balls, remember what Hill did in the NLCS, steady diet. Batters are impatient, swinging at balls way too much and not adjusting with 2 strikes. Sure the wild pitch by Edwards hurt but the poor approach at the plate hurt just as much if not more. I am sure Francona will stay with this game plan, I would. Well, no excuses, they have to win the next two games so that Schwarber can have many at bats back in Cleveland. Hang in there Cub fans. Mahalo.

  4. Michael Hansen

    We Cubs fans just witnessed the biggest ZERO we could ever been given by this group of non performers. No runs, NO WIN. At least they won’t have far to go home after it’s over. This was really sad to watch.

    • k.g.

      Aloha Michael, yes the team did not perform well tonight. Remember too how many young folks are playing on the team, no or very little playoff experience. It was a veteran, Coco, who got a timely, soft-hit to right that brought in the only run and Francona making a gutsy call to ph for Miller, who stifled the Cubs hitters. The young hitters have to adjust at the plate as the Indians are not going to give them many fast balls. I thought Bryant and Baez looked especially bad at the plate tonight and hope they will get so mad, that they prepare well for tomorrow’s game and forget about tonight’s results. The game is over, time to move on. Hang in there now. Mahalo.

  5. Todd Tamalunas

    The Cubs need to get back to small ball. Advancing runners with no outs. When down late in the game – make the pitcher throw strikes. 2-0 and cubs are swinging in the 7th plus (not small ball). These things have cost the cubs games in the playoffs. Bryant Swinging on First pitch late in the game ( that’s fine if your not in a hitting slump). With 2 balls and no strikes do anything you can to get ball 3 – fake a bunt and be a goofy as hell at the plate. Or crowd the plate even more. DO Something better than what has been done this post season. We have too many players trying to be the HERO. Bases loaded swinging for grand slam to make it 4 to 3 vs trying to get runs manufactured runs. REMEMBER what got you here. DAMN THE CURSE – GO CUBS

    • k.g.

      Aloha Todd, yes small ball, small ball! Problem is that too many think one swing as you said and forgetting it takes a team effort. Baez over-swings way too much but is fast enough he could do a bunt down the ones and either advance a runner or get on safely. When Cubs were ahead in the count they thought the Indians would cave in and throw a fastball but that did not happen. Joe has to hammer into their heads patience at the plate as most of the breaking pitches will fall out of the strike zone and agree with you there is no pride lost in getting a base on balls. Let’s hope for the best today! Mahalo!

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