#Cubs lineup vs Indians, Game 4

Jason Heyward returned to the lineup on Saturday for Game 4 and will make his first career World Series start for the Cubs, who need a win to even the series against the Indians. John Lackey gets the start. First pitch will be 7:08 p.m. CT from Wrigley Field.

Heyward has not started since Game 5 of the NLCS. He was batting 2-for-31 (.065) so far in the postseason, but manager Joe Maddon does like his defense in right field. The Indians will start Corey Kluber, who also pitched in Game 1, which Cleveland won, 6-0. Chris Coghlan started in right field in that game at Progressive Field.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Contreras C

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Baez 2B

Lackey P

Heyward isn’t the only one struggling this postseason. Baez is 1-for-9 with RISP and two outs so far. Russell is batting .050 (1-for-20) at home in the postseason. Anthony Rizzo is batting .130 (3-23 AB) at home in the postseason. Ben Zobrist is batting .150 (3-20 AB) at home in the postseason.

Teams that take a 3-1 series lead in a best-of-seven World Series have gone on to win 39 of 44 occasions (88.6 percent), including each of the last 10 occasions. The last team to take a 3-1 series lead and LOSE the Fall Classic was the 1985 Cardinals.

Zobrist’s wife, Julianna, will sing “God Bless America” before the game, and Hall of Famers Greg Maddux and Fergie Jenkins will throw out first pitches.


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  2. Hal Swartz

    What happened to “respect 90”? Joe is quoted as excusing Soler because he got to third anyway. Also no comment son the posing at the plate of Baez and Contreras. Come on Joe, this is not protecting your player’s back — they violated the mantra and you should call them on it so it is not repeated!

  3. jhosk

    I don`t comprehend why Heyward was restored to the lineup. Don`t recall him doing anything to warrant that. He hit a ball hard to the right fielder which was caught in Game 2, and hit a chopper which ate up first baseman Napoli which was scored an error last night in the ninth. Big deal! Jason can`t be starting just for his defense, because it`s apparent after Game 3 we are desperate for offense. Why would anyone expect Heyward`s bat to suddenly and miraculously come alive, when it has been dormant most of 2016, and that includes both the regular season and postseason?

    • k.g.

      Aloha jhosk, I am miffed by this as well in regard to Heyward. We need offense! Bryant’s first ab tonight his ahead in the count 2-0, with as bad as the offense has been, why was he swinging? He should have waited for a first strike. Instead pops up next pitch in infield, lucky they got 1 run in the first inning. Then Bryant makes two errors, mind you one was a hard play. I am thinking Maddon could put Bryant in LF, Baez at 3rd and Almora in RF. I hope they can battle back as they are now behind. Well, as I am writing Heyward got a hit! Go Cubs!

  4. Michael F. Hansen

    It is not an honor to get here and then DIE. Isn’t anyone tired of NEXT YEAR. Tonight the Cubs brought the greatest loss to this team any Cubs team could have handed their fans. You guys suck. You are full of yourselves and you have already accepted defeat totally. Joe, if I were you I would either retire or find another team that actually wants to win for you. I will say thank you for all the sucky baseball over 68 years. It has taught me to not believe in anything. When you lose the last game tomorrow night, please all of you super players be very careful on your way home. A good nights sleep and a lot of time off will heal you and your pay checks but as for your loyal fans, thanks for the sucky memories.

  5. George

    Cubbies suck…..They can’t hit….they can’t pitch and their coach is dumber than a rock. He couldn’t pick a pitcher out of a prison line up. How in the hell did the Cubs even get in the world series. They are a disgrace to the game of baseball!

    • k.g.

      Aloha George, I take it you are not a Cubs fan. That is fine. Yes, they have had a “roller-coaster” of a season when you look at it because partly of the youth on the team still learning how to play as a team and not as individuals all trying to be “heroes.” That is easy to say but hard to do when you have all these “star” players who have been told a good portion of their lives they are the “one.” I agree that Joe is being out managed by Francona right now and remember that Terry is a tremendous manager that took his RedSox teams to two WS’s and won both. What also makes him special for someone like myself is that I feel the best managers are backstops but Terry is an exception and shows that he is a student of the game. He has his pitchers throwing a lot of off-speed/breaking stuff to the Cubs hitters and that is smart because all season long the team has shown weakness in this area. Some of the issues are due to inexperience because of these folks being so young. Notice who has had a nice WS overall at the plate, a veteran name Zobrist. Young hitters want to smash the ball, they do not want to lay down bunts, advance runners with a SacFly, steal bases, get singles. I have seen this over and over season after season not just with the Cubs. Look at Baez how he over swings even with 2 strikes on him. Hopefully as he matures his approach will change at the plate. I agree the pitching has not been great/consistent. I remarked that not one Cub pitcher has had a quality start yet in this WS. But having said all the above, one cannot say the “Cubbies Suck or the coach is dumber than a rock.” That is unfair. But you can say up until now, Maddon has not made the best calls and he himself needs to make adjustments in who he selects to start games and who comes out of the bp. Folks like Bryant need to step up big time, who cares he won ROY last year or could be a candidate for MVP this year? He needs to start hitting and that includes taking pitches, hitting opposite field just getting on base. Rizzo did a much better job of that the past 2 games. Lastly, this may sound funny but if the Cubs can win tomorrow, they might have a better chance in Cleveland only because of the DH rule there and Schwarber can come back into the lineup. Take care. Mahalo.

  6. k.g.

    Aloha Folks- Let me first say some “closing” arguments for tonight’s game: the Indians have outplayed and out managed our Cubs. On paper going into the series many said the Cubs were the stronger team. I have said on the past, forget the regular season and do not look at what is on paper. Francona has out managed Joe at every turn and I have to give him credit because he supposedly has the weaker starting rotation which is also pitching on less days rest then our Cubs’ rotation. You also see why I wanted so badly for the FO to get Miller. The Cubs have not had a quality start I believe in this WS yet but Cleveland has had 2 via Kluber. Bryant/Baez and company slumping is tough. They just do not seem to understand small ball, adjusting, running pitch counts up and doing things as a team. A lot of this can be attributed to their youth (lack of experience). So, enough of the critique. As jasper said a while ago even before the post-season started, to enjoy where this organization is and to get to the WS is awesome. Of course I am frustrated and saddened by the poor play. Gosh I am only in my 40’s but think of all of you who have been Cubs fans way before me! Those fans that are in their 30’s/20’s I believe will not go through the pain and torture that so many have currently. So, I just hope tomorrow that Lester goes out and throws lights out and that the team can win just tomorrow, meaning do not look ahead just prepare for tomorrow. That would be special because the Cubs have not one a WS game at Wrigley since 1945. Then one can look to next Tuesday but again, just start with tomorrow and have fun playing the game! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

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