#Cubs notes prior to Game 5

Some things to think about prior to Game 5 of the World Series at Wrigley Field Sunday night:

*Teams to rally from 3-1 deficit in a best of seven World Series:
1925 Pirates (beat Senators)
1958 Yankees (beat Braves)
1968 Tigers (beat Cardinals)
1979 Pirates (beat Orioles)
1985 Royals (beat Cardinals)

The ’58 Yankees, ’68 Tigers and ’79 Pirates won Games 6-7 on the road.
* The Cubs are the 47th team in Major League history to win 103 plus games in a regular season. They are hoping to avoid being the 29th team with 103 wins that does not win a World Series. That list includes the 2004 Cardinals (105 wins); 2002 Yankees (103 wins), 2002 Athletics (103 wins), 2001 Mariners (116 wins), 1999 Braves (103 wins).

*The Indians have outscored the Cubs, 15-7, in the four games. The Indians pitchers are 3-1, 1.50 ERA in the World Series (they are 10-2, 1.68 ERA in the postseason).

*Overall, the Cubs are 13-25 in postseason at Wrigley Field, and 4-3 in 2016 postseason games at home. They also are 2-13 in World Series games at Wrigley.


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  2. Tomntexas

    Joe has been badly out managed in this World Series. Cubs need to pull it together and play as a team. No small ball is killing us. Kudo’s to Francona and his team for being prepared. Sports Illustrated jinx is in effect. “Wait till next year” is upon us again. It seems when ever I put in a negative post, the Cubs win. Was wondering if any team has lost three in a row at home. Cubs are good about setting records, frustrating!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Tom, Joe has been out-managed and the team out-played. I am hoping they think only about today and enjoy today’s game, hoping they will get to play another on Tuesday! Han in there! Mahalo!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Ken, very true as the young folks especially need to make more “sacrifices” in their play, stop thinking home runs, they will eventually come but “small-ball” the Indians. Hoping for the best! Mahalo!

  3. Kenly Cub

    Aloha k.g. one thing we have both been consistent about is the use of small ball, when pitching and defense is the substance of championships, the lack of it shows extremely with this team, games being within reach thru the first half of the games only to have tack on runs later added to the final tally. I give Tito total respect for having the ability to pull the right triggers, not only in this series but previously against the Sox and Jays. I mentioned Bochy as a better manager than Maddon but Tito has proven the better of these two managers engaged in this W.S. Hoping for the best, the Cubs can go on a run starting with tonights game, with much respect to Cubs Nation one hurdle has been accomplished, a W.S. showing,the future is very bright, if theTribe wins the series tip your cap! The Cubs do have one thing going for them, they are one of two teams capable of winning this years W.S. and I am on that same bandwagon that I have been on since a little boy years ago. Go Cubs !!!! Mahalo!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Kenly & Judson, yes we cannot talk enough about fundamentals. This team has not been able to play small ball consistently. The good news for the future is that this team can and has the talent to do so. I was a little concerned when Maddon pinch-hit for Ross using Montero and bringing in Contreras. That move took out any backup catcher. Plus in the tight games you need the best hands at backstop and that is Ross. I know Contreras will get there but tonight he had some rough moments with his glove work/footwork. Maddon has to think about this and yes I am sure he will have a combo of Miggy/Contreras behind the plate for Arrieta but he has to have Ross go the following night if there is a game 7. Kenly as you mentioned, Francona deserves much praise for the way his team has responded, he is one of the games best managers.Now, I wonder if Maddon will shake things up in the order for Tuesday? Heyward had better swings tonight and his defense was stellar. I know jhosk asked the question the other day why Soler was out, I think Maddon felt his head was not completely in game 3 where he could have had an inside the park hr had he started running out of the box late in the game. Chapman had a moment tonight whereby he forgot to go to first base to cover after Rizzo made a great play. The team has to be mentally prepared for Tuesday because they will be back in Cleveland, they cannot have these lapses. Arrieta had a great outing last time and hoping he can build on that on Tuesday. Well, what excitement, the first Cubs WS win at Wrigley since 1945! Let’s hope for the best in the quest when the series continues on Tuesday! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

  4. Judson

    We’re Cubs fans….we’re used to holding our breath for hours (sometimes days) at a time! Bring it on! We’re in the World Series! Woohoo!!!

  5. Judson

    You guys are right on the money with small ball. Zobrist even started a previous game winning rally with a bunt! No matter how hard it’s hit or how far a ball goes, we only get 1 run for a homer if nobody’s on base. I hope Joe starts calling for small ball plays. You can tell the players are pressing & trying to do too much. Like you said k.g., our future is bright. But we can still beat the Indians IF we out play them. Go Cubs!!!

  6. Bruce from Brazil

    There’s this “thing” about being a Cubs fan for 60+ years. Deep down you just “feel” that our guy is going to strike out on a slider away, with that run sitting out there at second or third, or that our reliever is going to give up that go-ahead run. Sorry to be such a party-pooper, but older fans will undertand. But we’re still in it! Go, Cubs, go!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Bruce! I understand where you are coming from, fans in their early 30’s and younger do not know the history as someone like you. A big big problem with this team and Joe has to work hard on this is the idea of “sacrifice,” not being a hero but a team-player. A good example is in the Bernie Mac movie, Mr. 3000, whereby the main character needs a few more hits to get to 3000 overall and secure his bid for the HOF. A good part of the movie shows this selfish-immature person growing up. In the end, he has a chance to get another hit and surprises everyone with laying down a sac-bunt. This is small-ball. Part of the Cubs problem is “youth,” though that cannot be the reason for much longer. They have to grow up, have each others backs and play like a team. Tuesday will be another great opportunity for the team to come together. I believe they have the skills to be great at small-ball, they have to believe and apply it. Hang in there Bruce! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

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