November baseball: #Cubs Game 6 notes

Tuesday marks a franchise record for the Cubs’ latest game by date, regular season or postseason, but the team did play games in November before. According to historian Ed Hartig, on Nov. 1-15, 1888, just 128 years ago, the Cubs played exhibition games during a world baseball tour that included stops in Australia, Egypt, Italy, England and Ireland.

Jake Arrieta tonight makes his fourth postseason road start this season, which is tied for the most by any pitcher in a single postseason. It was last done by the Mets’ Jacob deGrom last year. It’s the most by a Cubs pitcher, surpassing Kerry Wood’s three postseason road starts in 2003.

Dexter Fowler leads all players with 10 runs scored this postseason, one shy of the Cubs single postseason record set by Kenny Lofton, who scored 11 in the 2003 playoffs.



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  2. jhosk

    Will be a pleasure again observing a Cubs` batter with plate discipline, Kyle Schwarber. Let`s hope Baez, Russell, and Contreras are taking notes. Cowboy Joe West will be calling balls and strikes. The last time he did so in a game involving the Cubs, he called a good game. It was the way he behaved late in the game when the Cubs were needing to stall to give the bullpen pitcher time to get ready, that was troubling. Our manager engaged in a heated argument with the arbiter. Can`t recall if Maddon was tossed, but it was an ugly scene we hope is not repeated in Game 6 tonight.

    • k.g.

      Aloha jhosk, I think that was the game Hendricks pitched and even the Cardinal fans we’re gracious. I hope Joe calls that same kind of a game no theatrics! Yes, tonight all the young hitters need to be patient like Zobrist. I commented a day ago about the young folks maturing, more of a sacrificial attitude, having each others backs not trying to be heroes. I feel Rizzo has done a better job as of late and they need a couple folks out of the Bryant/Baez/Contreras/Russell group to bust out. I mentioned the ironic thing was that the Indians were happy Schwarber was not cleared to play at Wrigley but if they could got back to Cleveland, he’s in the lineup! Small-ball, small-ball and more small-ball! It wears down the opposing team! Praying that Arrieta has a great outing and the Cubs score first!!! Mahalo!

  3. Ztup

    Maddon was tossed. It was stupid. But the point that Joe West called a good game up to that point is valid, I didn’t think about it that way.

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