4 #Cubs among BBWAA award finalists

Kris Bryant, Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks, and Joe Maddon were named finalists for their respective Baseball Writers Association of America awards.

Bryant,  who won NL Rookie of the Year in 2015, is a candidate for MVP this year along with the Nationals’ Daniel Murphy and the Dodgers’ Corey Seager. Hendricks and Lester, who finished 1-2 in ERA in the NL, are finalists for the Cy Young award, while Maddon was again a candidate for top manager honors. Maddon won the award last year.

The top manager will be announced on Nov. 15, the Cy Young winner on Nov. 16, and the MVP on Nov. 17.


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  2. Peg Grocholski

    Joe Maddon for sure! Lester and Hendricks are both deserving. With all due respect and affection for Kris Bryant, I wish there was more than one MVP award. It took the whole team to have such a winning season and clinch the World Series! Congratulations to all the Cubs!!

  3. k.g.

    Aloha Peg- hard as a Cubs fan! I try to be “objective” in this process if I ever had the chance to vote! I also think Dave Roberts of the Dodgers is deserving of the manager of the year as it was not only his first year as a manager but amazing how well he did given all their injuries; many never thought the Dodgers would be right there at the end giving our Cubbies fits! I wish Bryant could get it but I believe the MVP award is for the “regular season” and here have to give Murphy props his numbers compared to Bryant’s: 142games/184hits/47dbls/25hrs/105rbi’s/.347ba/.595slg/.985ops now Bryant: 155games/176hits/35dbls/39hrs/102rbi’s/.292ba/.554slg/.939ops. Furthermore, Murphy only struck out 57 times compared to Bryant’s 154 ko’s. Again, I love Bryant and he is only going to get better but Murphy clearly had the better offensive year and played less games too. Lastly, I wish Hendricks could get the Cy Young; hard luck here because he did not have the run support early in the season. He clearly pitched better than Arrieta did all season long but Jake has a “better” win-lost record. This should not matter but sometimes it can “influence” a voter. Still I think Hendricks deserves it the most. Take care now! Mahalo!

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