#Cubs Game 7 lineup vs Indians

Cubs manager Joe Maddon liked Kyle Schwarber in the No. 2 spot as the designated hitter in the lineup for Game 6 of the World Series and will go with the same combination in Game 7 on Wednesday night against the Indians at Progressive Field.

Fowler CF

Schwarber DH

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Russell SS

Contreras C

Heyward RF

Baez 2B

Bryant and Rizzo were a combined 7-for-10 in Game 6, driving in three runs, while Russell had two hits and six RBIs.

Kyle Hendricks will make his second World Series start for the Cubs. The right-hander held the Tribe scoreless over 4 1/3 innings for a no-decision in the Cubs’ 1-0 loss in Game 3. Hendricks was the winning pitcher in the National League Championship Series against the Dodgers, holding them scoreless over 7 1/3 innings.

Hendricks is the fourth pitcher to lead the Majors in ERA and start Game 7 of the World Series in the same year, joining Hal Newhouser (1945), Sandy Koufax (1965) and Bob Gibson (1968).

This is Hendricks’ first start away from Wrigley Field since the regular season finale. He hasn’t lost on the road since July 26, and is 5-0 with a 2.03 ERA in seven road starts since.



  1. k.g.

    Aloha Folks!!! This is it! What a blessing to get to this game 7! I hope 3rd time is the charm in regard to dealing with Kluber! Remember, Schwarber had success against him in that first game and I believe others will too! As Pat Hughes says, fasten them seatbelts! Mahalo!

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  3. Michael F. Hansen

    Is everyone watching this fiasco byBaez. Two errors two men on and he still wants to show boat. This is not how we should be playing. Schwarber trying for a double. Out. We are in serious trouble here. Help, someone help.

    • k.g.

      Aloha Michael, give Hendricks kudos as he got out of it! I am not happy with Baez play too. I would not have a problem Maddon taking him out and Zobrist coming in, then you have Almora/Coghlan in LF. Joe has to play this to win, no favoritism! Hang in there. Mahalo!

      • Michael F. Hansen

        How can I put this delicately – Maddon just blew the World Series in one call. Even after everyone in the world told him not to do this – he did. Thank you Joe. Thank you for absolutely nothing. If by some miracle the team pulls it out, it won’t be because of your smarts. This is the one game in all history of baseball that should have been coached with common sense and not gut feeling. Please God, give us a chance?????

    • k.g.

      Aloha again Michael, I have to say veteran or rookie-ish, 7th game of a WS, all have “nerves.” What has bothered me about Baez, is that he is so gifted as a player but then his immaturity creeps in at times and it can hurt not just him but more importantly the team. I hope he can calm down and play the stellar defense we all know he can! For Schwarber, protect him and explain that he is #2 in the lineup, not #4. So let Bryant/Rizzo bring him in. I am impressed by this team, if I am feeling anxious, think what they are. Hang in there now! Go Cubs Go!! Mahalo!!

      • Tomntexas

        Good moves by Maddon leaving Hendricks in. If Baez doesn’t hit that home run, Joe might have pulled him. All is good so far. Hendricks has not lost on the road since July! At least six maybe 7 innings tonight.

      • k.g.

        Aloha Tom, I have to say I was happy that Joe left Hendricks in because he showed he could muscle through the pressure. But then with 2 outs and a team that had not hit him very hard, robbed of a ko, Maddon pulled him to bring in Lester with a man on, I did question that call. I have never seen 2 runs score on a wild pitch. Lester needs to come up big now. How about Ross, though he should not have made that throw. Hang in there it will tense all the way! Mahalo!

      • k.g.

        Aloha Folks, this is hard to say but Joe has not made good pitching moves, each time after 2 outs, 1 on. The previous pitcher was in a good place/rhythm. He takes them out and the Indians scored, now 5runs on his decisions. Let’s hope the team can overcome his decisions to get this game. Mahalo.

  4. Lissa

    Googled David Ross’ age & came across your Dad’s Day story about him, which was great! I’m in Boston, so very familiar w/Ross & Lester – & a World Series dry spell! Cubs’ bats are on fire 7 innings in. Hope they bring the title home to Chicago!!

  5. Jason

    WTF!!! I knew that idiotic decision by Maddon to prematurely pull Hendricks would come back to haunt the Cubs. Nobody in the universe agreed with that decision. Losing this series will fall solely on Maddon, and he will forever be known as the goat that blew a World Championship!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Jason, this is very tough to watch, Maddon saw that Hendricks pulled through a tough 3rd. He comes back to pitch well, has a low pitch count and pulls Hendricks after 2 outs: 2 runs scored. Then Lester finally is in a groove, Maddon takes him out with 2 outs, 3runs score. There have been missed calls to for Cubs pitchers. But Joe’s pitching moves remind me of Bochy’s moves in the 4th game and Cubs came back against Giants. Joe will have to take responsibility no matter what the outcome is. Let’s hope they can still pull it out. Mahalo.

  6. Jason

    Why in the heck didn’t Maddon have Heyward drop a bunt in the 9th? Heyward was DP probe all season, plus the wet conditions would have helped. Clearly, the Cubs got this far on their talent, despite Maddon, not because of him. Maddon stinks!

    • jhosk

      Heyward should not have started this game. He`s worthless offensively. He`s an automatic out. Soler or Almora or Coghlan should have started both Game 6 and Game 7. For those of you fans who expect Jason to rehabilitate his swing over the off-season, and come back in 2017 as a force, you live in a fantasy world.

      • k.g.

        Aloha jhosk, I was actually surprised that Almora/Coghlan did not start too. It hurt with bases loaded that he could not even get a fly ball. Let’s hope Edwards and defense can hold this now. Take care. Mahalo!

      • k.g.

        Aloha MatB, yes that was tough with someone telling Baez at that moment, telling him to lay it down. I love small ball but with what happened in the bottom of the 8th to the team with Joe’s decision, I think you let Baez swing and get that sac-fly. Let’s hope they can fight back!!!

    • jhosk

      I blame Baez for not executing. He jabbed at the ball, as John Smoltz pointed out, rather than letting the ball hit the bat. It would have led to a sure run. If it had worked, as it did multiple times during the regular season, you would have been elated. I criticize Maddon for lifting Hendricks too soon, and I am pissed that the manager called on Chapman in Game 6 with a five run lead. I said so Wednesday night after the game. It meant Chapman would be taxed and less effective for Game 7. Aroldis is overworked as Pete Rose commented. This is on the manager. What a revolting development this is! Now we have rain. No one ever said this would be easy. Much of the audience will be lost. Working folk need to go to bed. The freeloaders have the luxury of staying up all night for this spectacle, which never should have reached this point.

      • k.g.

        Aloha jhosk, yes you did say that about Chapman and have to agree with you that Maddon was not at his best managing the bullpen. He has to take responsibility for that. Right about Baez if bunt is successful. Mahalo!

  7. Jason

    How long can Maddon possibly ride Chapman? Maddon pulls the starters too quickly, and leaves the receivers in too long. Maddon makes no sense!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Jason, this is when one relies too much on “metrics.” I love stats but you have to find a “happy-medium” and yanking Hendricks made no sense at that point but for the Indians who were down 4-1, I understood it Francona pulling Kluber. Then Lester is in a groove and he does it again. Maddon is a good coach but he has made some very suspect calls/moves that both times took the energy and momentum away from the team. Hope rain delay is positive for us. Mahalo.

    • k.g.

      Aloha Jason, I just joked with a friend, I hope Maddon argues a call, gets thrilled out now so Martinez/Bosio can finish out the game! I really like Joe but his decision making tonight is not the best. I am sure he will learn from this and get better. I also hope the same for Heyward, he loojedt really bad at his last ab. Let’s hope Baez and pitching and defense can hold this! Mahalo!

      • k.g.

        Aloha again Jason! My darn phone put in “thrilled,” I meant for Joe to argue call and get thrown out. Mahalo!

  8. jhosk

    Montgomery should have started the final inning. He`s one of the precious few Cubs`relievers who can be trusted. The Cubs won this game in spite of the manager, not because of him. I hope Joe Maddon does not try to take credit for this Game 7, because it`s due to his bonehead moves it reached extra innings. He can take credit for the season, just not this game. Congrats to all you Cubs` fans. It`s been long overdue. Your longtime suffering is finally over.

    • k.g.

      Aloha jhosk, very true. Maddon deserves credit for so much just not this game (as much). We will be talking about the off-season and trying to repeat! I think a lot has to be done with the bp. Montgomery and Edwards are bright spots but one or both could become starters. I feel bad in the way Chapman was used at times and not sure if he ‘d come back. But Jansen should be on the FO”s radar. They also have to figure out what to do with Lester as no more Ross. So much. But let us enjoy this and for jasper/jhosk/White/Bruce/Michael/Judson/Kenly/Tom/Delaware long suffering fans I know we young-ins: MatB/Jason/Doug/Isabelle(sp?) are really happy for you! Mahalo!

      • jhosk

        Yes, k.g., thanks for the good thoughts. I am not as enamored with Edwards, as you. Montgomery, yes. He`s a keeper. Edwards has much to prove to make me a believer, and that goes for the other bullpen members, including Strop, Wood, Rondon, Grimm, and others whom I`m leaving out. Maddon did not trust those guys all that much in the postseason, and his concerns were valid and well-placed, I suggest. This is certainly an area the Cubs need to address in the hot-stove season, and am confident they will. {As for Heyward, if he does not re-discover his ability to hit, he will sit in 2017. The Cubs will not tolerate his failures at the dish. There are abundant options in the pipeline. Jason should be willing to forgo some of the $millions he has not earned, if he truly cared about the Cubs, in order for the organization to sign a player like closer Jansen.} I know I would be eager to do such a thing, had I not lived up to my obligations. I predict the Cubs will be willing to “eat his contract” before tolerating another season of Heyward`s ineptitude at the dish.

      • k.g.

        Aloha jhosk- I like Edwards “upside” potential. He is younger than Montgomery who I could see trying out for the rotation in the Spring. Edwards maybe another year in the bp. I think Wood is one to hold onto; he was used a lot at the beginning of this year but with a good mix could be more effective. I guess in watching Heyward I had a “moment” there wanting him to bust out in the WS, wanting him to do well. But I agree with you, this is a merit-based job and if he does not produce then something has to happen. I know he has opt-out provisions, not sure how that works for the Cubs. I wish if the team were in the hunt for a Jansen that Jason would be willing to restructure his contract for 1 or 2 years but I do not see his agent going for it as well as the players union. Best case scenario is that he comes back and has a season like he did with the Cardinals in 2015. If he continues to have seasons like 2016, I would hope that he would opt-out in 2018. I know his agent would not like it but it would be the honorable thing to do. You take care now I am sure you are preparing to go “South” soon to get some warmth! Mahalo!

  9. Jason

    Holy Cow!!! Mahalo to all! Great conversing with all of you this season! Have a great off season, and we’ll post next spring. Take care!

  10. Judson

    Congratulations Cubs fans!!! (It’s still sinking in!) Thank you for the shout out k.g. You definitely kept your attitude positive and helped me do the same. I too was devastated when Cleveland tied the game & had the momentum, and couldn’t believe Maddon went with his prearranged game plan given the timing & circumstances. But the players deserve a lot of credit for grinding it out and playing hard for the whole game. They did it all season long and capped off their WS championship the same way. (Wow….it sure is fun writing “champions” in the same sentence as “Cubs!”) Soak it up folks….it finally happened!!! 🙂

  11. Bruce from Brazil

    Love him or hate him, Maddon did get us there, and now we’ve won! Feelin’ good (even though I’ve got the oncologist today to start Round 2 of oral chemotherapy.) The doc says recovery chance is 98 per cent. Wearing my Cubs shirt. A guy here once looked at it, saw only the “UBS” and thought I was with a Swiss bank. See all of you fans in 2017.

  12. Tomntexas

    What a great ride! Didn’t see the end but recorded it. Have to get up too early. Congrats to our Cubs for a great year. And for sticking with it and never giving up.

  13. jasper Jiggs

    So much happened in this series with records broke or firsts for this & that.
    I looked at the Box score after calming down and realized this:
    The Cubs played three catchers in Game 7, all played behind the plate. all had a hit and RBI in the game.
    I am betting no Game 7 team ever did that.

    • k.g.

      Aloha jasper, I hear you. I needed to go “walk-it-off” as my coach used to say after last night’s game! Maddon really over managed these games and it could have cost them. I bet in private he said something to the players. I know he will learn from this! Are your Cardinal relatives treating you all right? Now begins the “re-tooling” for next season! I wish Ross could be a part of the organization in some fashion moving forward. I also hope Miggy can go on a regiment to “lighten” up some /become more mobile again as it benefit him greatly. Then there is the question of Fowler and the bp! If funds were not an issue wouldn’t it be awesome to have both Jansen & Chapman?! Again, hope you are enjoying this period. As one person said to me with all that is happening in our country and world today, it was really nice to have something good take place! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

      • jasper Jiggs

        On the Cardinal relatives, they are ok except my brother. He hates the Cubs so much, he could not even share in my joy or be a little happy I was so elated.
        So I treat him just like everyone else, with a smile on my face I told him what he can do too himself. Its up to him to get over it, I am happy and don’t care either way.
        I do know my family better get used to it for the next 5 or 6 years. 🙂
        Fowler has already opted out, guess you wont see that on here though.
        Now that the Cubs have won it all, the pressure is off Management. Will they be willing to sign big money guys? They don’t need too now, might be Edwards if he can handle it.
        Big money for Arietta, why? Use him to the end of July and see if he changes his mind about not accepting a home town discount.
        Its going to be interesting.

      • k.g.

        Aloha jasper- gosh I am sorry to hear that, I know many Cardinal fans that have been very gracious about this and will tell you privately that they like the Cubs doing well because it strengthens our division and the opposing teams. You know the saying, “iron sharpens iron.” Have you checked out the Topps website? They have a special limited edition WS Cubs team set that you might like! I think it is under Topps Now section. In regard to the $$$, I am with you. The pressure of the 100+yrs is off the organization’s back but the work continues. If the Giants could win so 3 in 5yrs, I have to believe that this team is poised and positioned for more exciting days ahead. I read an interesting article about Fowler and it give some simple stats about when Dexter started/played in games what the record was this past year and when he was not in the lineup. It was overwhelmingly positive when he started; remember it was a pretty basic stat. Having said that, do they try to go back after him? You know I have advocated for Soler in the past. I think if the FO brings back Fowler on a 3-4yr contract then this off-season they should try to trade Soler and get something for him while they can. They might have to add in some other folks but pitching would be great and a controllable arm for a while would be fantastic like a Gray! I would take a chance on Gray if the A’s would not ask for much say Soler and a lower level prospect? Maybe it is time to also put LaStella on the block too. The starting rotation is anchored with Lester and Hendricks. One day you hope Montgomery might join that cast. You add in a Gray and now you have a starting 4 that is under control for what, 5-6yrs!! The highest salary being Lester’s. I have to remember that the FO might pick up Hammel’s option too. So, if Arrieta has a great season in 2017 (even if the Cubs are contending) and other teams (preferably AL) could use him, I agree trade him by the July/Aug deadline and reel in some great/top pitching prospects! I forgot about Lackey too, he is signed through next year. Just a dream but if the FO made a trade for Gray during this off-season and soon, could that stop them from exercising Hammels option? Just a thought. And with the “what-if” scenario where Fowler is brought back, besides the option of trading Soler would that mean Almora is possibly traded too? In this scenario you have you have Schwarber/Fowler/Heyward and you could keep Szczur as the 4th outfielder as he has played all 3 positions well. The infield will be a little tricky, in that Baez can be the utility person there but do you start him more often at 2nd and if so, where is Zobrist placed? I hope Heyward rebounds but if not, Zobrist I guess could play RF on the days Baez starts. For the bp, I still think there is a place for Wood who is a FA now. I think Edwards could be a closer someday but not right now. So does the FA go after a Jansen or Chapman? I like Jansen because he is more “versatile” and can go 2+ innings but is a righty. So, I understand the allure of Chapman as a lefty but I just think he is going to be very costly. Food for thought. Take care now, I wish I were in Chi-town today for the parade but thankful we can watch it online! Take care now. Mahalo!

  14. Judson

    Well said as always k.g. (I’m STILL walking it off!) My thoughts & prayers are with you Bruce! May you win your “battle” in only 4 games! 😉 (Mine’s been in remission since late ’96.)

    Maddon is only human and imo, there’s no way we get to and win the WS without him. As has already been said here, this was truly a team effort/win. And “Yes!” I gratefully acknowledge the Lord’s intervention to overcome the lapses in judgment anyone made! 🙂 Cubs Win!!! Take care all!

    • k.g.

      Aloha Judson, thank you for your reply and reminder about Bruce; yes need to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Would be a blessing to have all of you back for the next season. And yes about Maddon, he deserves kudos too! You take care now and Go Cubs! Mahalo!

  15. jhosk

    I apologize for predicting Tim Tebow would hit for a .100 average in the Arizona Fall League. He`s hitting .125 as I type. I was wrong, and am eager to admit I was wrong. There are just two players on the Scottsdale Scorpions` roster who have batting averages lower than Tim`s. Joe Maddon made several mistakes in Game 6 and Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. But he got away with those mistakes. The Cubs won those two games despite Joe`s unfortunate decisions. He`s one of those annoying people who never admits to having been wrong about anything. Joe Maddon`s errors will be forgotten by most Cubs` fans, because the Cubs won a WS for the first time in 108 years. I shall not forget, but am grateful the Cubs` players overcame Joe`s poor choices.

    • k.g.

      Aloha jhosk, well my father and I were able to discuss ball and he said that he understood why Maddon went to Chapman a lot/overused him. Not saying it was the right call but no confidence in other pitchers. My father feels be it if the Cubs can retain Chapman or not, he needs a 3rd pitch to help himself out because he will be expected to do more than 3 outs at times. You probably saw where the FO did not pick up Hammels option. And Montero seemed “slighted” for a lesser role during the playoffs. I think we could see a trade for more controllable pitching, keeping costs down so if they have to get a closer (Chapman/Jansen/Melacon..) they have funds to work with. Hope you are doing well! Mahalo!

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