2/25 Theriot survives Dolis fastball

Ryan Theriot has a bruise on his left hand after being hit by a fastball by young pitcher Rafael Dolis during live batting practice Thursday.

“Everything’s fine,” Theriot said. “It happens sometimes in live [batting practice] but everything’s cool.”

Dolis, 22, who pitched at Class A Daytona last season, said he didn’t throw another fastball inside after the errant pitch to Theriot. This was the second day of live batting practice.

“The kid pitcher felt worse about it than anybody else,” Lou Piniella said. “He was almost apologetic and I heard the pitching coach say, ‘Get back up there and throw it.'”

Did Theriot consider charging the mound?

“No — that guy’s huge,” Theriot said of the 6-foot 4-inch, 215-pound right-hander.

Piniella joked that when he played and saw young pitchers on the mound for batting practice, he’d head for the water cooler. On Wednesday, Piniella said if Theriot were hurt and out for an extended period of time, the Cubs would likely promote 19-year-old Starlin Castro and let him play. Theriot isn’t looking over his shoulder.

“There’s always going to be somebody on your heels and I think that’s good,” Theriot said. “It’s good for competition and it keeps everybody working hard and you can’t get complacent or relax and sit back. I think it’s good for everybody.”

Dolis, who is friends with Castro, will probably get some good natured ribbing about plunking a teammate. It started when the pitcher was doing his laps after his throwing session.

“Theriot wants you to run to Scottsdale Stadium and back,” Cubs strength coach Tim Buss said to Dolis.

— Carrie Muskat

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