3/3 Outfield play

Not to take anything away from Matt Szczur, but one of the reasons he was able to score from second Friday on a sacrifice fly to right was because right fielder David DeJesus’ hand got stuck in the wire mesh fence. DeJesus left middle finger got caught in the fence as he went back for the ball. Cubs third base coach Pat Listach saw that DeJesus was having trouble and waved Szczur home. DeJesus was fine on Saturday, wearing a bandage on his finger.

Just wait until DeJesus gets to Wrigley Field and has to deal with the brick and ivy.

“I can’t wait,” DeJesus said Saturday.

“When you hit those vines, all you feel is brick,” Marlon Byrd said.

— Carrie Muskat


  1. joeydafishj

    Byrd would know what the bricks feel like. Soriano would not. I have a feeling we’ll get some good outfield play from both Byrd and DeJesus with Soriano doing a lot of looking for help.

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